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Terms on Coronavirus

  • Should I close my site?
  • What is Pitchup doing to lessen the impact of the crisis?
  • How can I best prepare for the end of this crisis?
  • I’ve closed. Can you help me decide when to reopen?
  • How can I contact Pitchup?
  • What UK government support is available for my business?
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  • I'm closing. Do you have a template to send to customers?


  • How did my campground end up on How do I remove my listing?
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  • I would like to list my non-UK campsite/holiday park on without taking bookings. Can I do this?
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  • I am VAT registered in the UK, how do I account for VAT on bookings?
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Booking questions

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  • Am I entitled to a refund for my holiday?
  • Can I change my plans if I’m unsure - even though official advice still allows travel to my destination? For example, if I have a pre-existing medical condition.
  • What is the current UK government advice for my destination?
  • How do I know what type/size of unit the customer is bringing?
  • Can customers provide the type and size of their unit?
  • What restrictions have destination countries put in place?
  • A customer wants to change or cancel a booking - how do I do this?
  • How does Pitchup help avoid double bookings?
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  • How can I avoid double bookings?

Listing questions

  • Can I set up sites with optional electric hook-up?
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  • My site is listed on your website - how can I amend my listing?
  • How is the Overall rating score for my campground/park calculated?
  • I only accept adults on my site/park. How can I set this up?
  • My site isn't listed. How can I add it?
  • What is a 'calendar conflict' and how do I resolve these conflicts?
  • Can I set a maximum stay rule?
  • If my details change in the future, how can I amend them?
  • How do I add/amend minimum night stay conditions?
  • Can you add additional award schemes to your list?
  • Can I copy booking confirmations to another email address?
  • My opening times change each year, and some accommodation types open longer than others. How can I show this?
  • Can I display the availability calendar on my website?
  • My broadband connection is poor, how can I improve it?
  • Can I set up additional users with access restricted to the booking tab only?
  • How do I set up a campground or caravan park?
  • How can I change my description or local attractions boxes?
  • You’ve got the wrong sites listed against my email address – how can I correct this?
  • What are your “official ratings” and “Customer ratings” for campsites and parks based upon?
  • My tariff involves short breaks, weekly stays and/or variable nightly rates - how do I set this up?
  • How can I improve my ranking and results from
  • I've got restrictions about who and what I allow on my site. Can I enforce this on
  • How can I access my listing?


  • I have reviews, but no review score is showing at the top of my listing
  • There’s been a major development at my site/park. Can the reviews left prior to this be removed?
  • How is the Overall rating score for my campground/park calculated?
  • How should I respond to a review for my campground/park?
  • My site has received a negative review. How can I remove it?