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My broadband connection is poor, how can I improve it?

Broadband speeds can vary dramatically but there are a few things you can do to improve speeds.

First, check your broadband speed using this speed test.

If your connection is really slow (0 - 2Mb)

1. If your upstream is only 288Kb (0.288Mb), then you are on a very old package, and thus should upgrade and possibly get better speeds.

2. If you are on 0.576Mb or 1.152Mb or 2.272Mb, again consider changing package to improve speeds.

3. If you have an alarm fitted or a Sky box or external ringer (bell so you can hear phone across site when out of office), ensure that there's added a microfilter to each socket so that it doesn't interfere with your broadband.

It is not uncommon to see people on old slow packages jump from 0.5Mb to 2Mb or 3Mb, or with 10 minutes of testing, realise that they can go faster by adding a device called the i-Plate.

To find out whether or not you'll be able to get superfast fibre broadband for a specific property, use the line checker on your preferred supplier's website. Here's a list of communication providers currently offering or trialing superfast broadband for home or business.

Other ideas for improvement and alternatives

  • As the demands on wifi increase, it may be worthwhile having two lines: one that is used for the site wifi, and another just for the office.
  • Trying different routers is a good idea: routers stocked by the big chain stores are often not up to the job
  • If you broadband speed is still low, you might want to investigate satellite access which may provide a more reliable system.
  • leased line may be an option if your budget stretches to it