How can I reconcile my balance payments with my Stripe payouts?

Payouts from your Stripe account to your bank account are a "sweep" of the existing balance, which will be determined by balance receipts, refunds, commissions and fees.

To view the components of each payout, visit the 'Bookings' tab in your manager portal. Above the 'Price' column you will see a 'Download Stripe payout details' button. Click this button to generate a report in spreadsheet format of payouts from Stripe to your bank account.

The report will include details of each Stripe payout, including what date it's due or was paid, and which booking balances are included in the payout. There are also details of the bookings including Booking ID, customer name, total amount net and gross, Stripe fee and - for immediate payment bookings - commission paid to If you have a Stripe account that is set up to take payment for multiple locations, this report will also specify which campsite or holiday park each payment was taken for in the 'Campsite' column. Find out how to set up payments for multiple locations here.

There is also a link to 'Stripe monthly report' which is a report available on Stripe's website setting out the overall changes in your balance on a monthly basis. Please note that this report does not contain transaction-level detail.