What if I change a booking and the cost reduces?

Sometimes, a customer may change their booking causing the total price to reduce. Although deposits are non-refundable, this does not mean you need to lose out on the new booking. The customer is aware of the deposit policy, as it's shown throughout the booking process and on the confirmation email.

So how do you deal with changes that reduce the cost?

  • Calculate the new total
  • Calculate the new balance by discounting 15% from the new total. For example, if the original total is £150 and the new total is £100, the customer's new balance would be £85 (100 * 85%)

Remember to flag the booking. Check your terms on booking changes are correct in the 'Terms and conditions' section under Site info in the manager portal.

Note: If the customer has a pending payment, this should be cancelled and you will need to take a new payment manually from the customer.