Camping equipment


Knowing what camping equipment to buy and pack for your trip can be a tricky process, especially if you’re new to camping or limited on space or the weight you can carry. Handily, selecting camping equipment is quite easy when you know what’s available. First, you’ll want to consider the type of trip you’ll be going on: will you be camping in a tent, glamping accommodation, motorhome or caravan? Then, assess all of your different options, while keeping in mind your budget, the weather forecast and available space.

Camping equipment (Alexander Andrews / Unsplash)

What do I need for a camping trip?

1. Camping beds

When you’re deciding on a camping bed, comfort and durability are key. There are several types of camping beds, each with its own set of benefits, so you’ll want to explore your options fully to make sure that you are insulated from the cold hard ground and that you have a comfortable surface to lie on. 

2. Sleeping bags

A comfortable, waterproof sleeping bag is also key to getting a good night’s sleep in a tent or any other accommodation. When you’re choosing a sleeping bag, the best material will depend upon the temperature and the weather conditions, so it’s important to consider the design as well as the breathability and insulating effect of the material.

3. Camping stoves

Choosing a reliable camping stove will fuel your adventures and set you up for a sound sleep by ensuring you’re well fed. There are lots of different camping stoves available, including gas, electric, alcohol-burning and sustainable options, so the best camping stove will depend upon the conditions you’re camping in, whether you’ll be carrying it long-distance and how much cooking space your group needs.

4. Camping chairs 

Somewhere to sit while you cradle your morning brew or dig into your barbecue-roasted sausages will come in very handy when you’re camping. It’s important that when you’re choosing a camping chair, you strike the right balance between a lightweight and compact chair that’s still comfortable to sit on and constructed from good-quality materials that won’t give way. Classic chairs, camping stools and scoop chairs are some of the options out there, each with their own perks.

5. Clothes for camping

It’s important to get your clothes for camping right, and that means more than just missing socks. While exactly what you pack will depend upon the weather, there are some materials that are best left out, such as denim, and a few essential items you’ll need no matter the weather, including a waterproof jacket, walking boots or trainers and sweat-wicking T-shirts.

6. Camping accessories

Camping accessories include items such as porch extensions, awnings, barbecues, picnic sets and other handy non-essential additions. The accessories you choose will depend upon your space and whether you’ll be staying in a tent, caravan, motorhome or glamping accommodation.

A couple surrounded by camping equipment (Uriel Mont / Unsplash)

7. Camping lights

When the sun goes down, you’ll need a way to find your way around your tent or other camping space, as well as the outdoors. There are many options out there for camping lights, from torches to lanterns, spotlights and light-up tent pegs, but we’d recommend one portable light source and one lantern that can be strung for a ceiling hook or similar.