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The UK's Most Dog-Friendly Holiday Destinations

Where are the safest, fun-packed places for you and your pup to visit across the UK?

Since the end of the national lockdown, more and more people have been searching far and wide for the ideal UK-based staycation - avoiding the risk of flight delays, the loss of luggage and having to leave furry friends behind. 

With this in mind, we have compiled a list of the best holiday spots to head to for a week or weekend of relaxation with your dog, allowing you to recharge from everyday life. 

From quiet campsites in country towns to romantic holiday destinations complete with hot tubs, there is something for everyone - and what better way to celebrate freedom and the arrival of the summer months than with a dog-friendly holiday? 

Loaded with scenic walks, crisp blue seas, dog-friendly pubs and competitive prices, you and your canine companion will never want to come home. So where in the UK is the perfect spot to head to? 

The UK’s Best Dog-Friendly Staycations

If you’re feeling paw-ful about leaving your furry friend behind while you go on holiday then don’t worry, as these pet-friendly locations are ready and waiting for you and your dog. 

Taking a seed list of UK towns, we were able to break down which ones were the most suitable for you and your dog by taking into consideration factors like dog-friendly beaches, vets in the area, pet shops, tourist attractions, and restaurants that allow dogs, and so on. 

By reviewing, The Good Dog Guide, and many other sources, we were able to break down each category, focusing on attractions within a 5-mile radius of the towns. 

Ranking each one out of an overall score of 80, first on the list was Whitstable, Kent. Scoring a total of 52.2/80, it was revealed that this area had an impressive number of dog-friendly pubs, receiving 7.5/10 in this section. 

Whitstable also boasted 7.9/10 when it came to nearby veterinary clinics, as well as 7.5/10 for dog-friendly walks. As the seaside town is hailed for its stunning coastal scenery, this is no surprise. 

Ranking second was Torquay, Devon, with an overall score of 51.8/80. Torquay is famed for its idyllic beaches, and a huge array of pubs, shops and cafes, and attracts thousands of visitors from all over the UK throughout the year. Camping in Devon is great for those who want to keep busy while away, with over 200 campsites just near a beach.

An impressive number of pet shops allowed this destination to score 9.3/10 in this category, while a high number of veterinary clinics led to an even better score of 9.6/10. When it came to dog-friendly beaches, a top ranking of 10/10 secured a firm second place for Torquay in our seed list, highlighting how suitable it would be for a trip with your canine companion. 

In third place was Bognor Regis, scoring 50.7/80 overall. This is due to an exceptional score of 9.6/10 when it came to the number of local pet shops, meaning your dog will never be short of toys or food. This location also ranked 8.6/10 when it came to dog-friendly walks, which is to be expected due to its rich seaside history. 

Unfortunately, Oban in the Scottish Highlands was bottom of the list for dog-friendliness, scoring only 20/80 overall. 

This could be down to a disappointing score of 0/10 when it came to dog-friendly hotels, as well as 0.4/10 for dog-friendly campsites. Beaches accepting dogs only ranked this area 2.5/10, with only 2.1/10 for pup-friendly pubs within a 5-mile radius. 

Overnight Howl-iday Destinations: The Most Dog-Friendly Hotels & Campsites

If a day trip isn’t enough for you, then these locations are ideal for the most relaxing overnight stays with your dog. Using and internal data from Pitchup, we were able to determine which locations had the most suitable accommodation for people travelling around with their dogs, and at the top of the list was Bakewell, in the Peak District, with a ranking of 17.2/20 overall. 

When it came to dog-friendly campsites and hotels, this location scored 8.6/10 for both sections. The picturesque market town is brimming with beautiful architecture and medieval history, making it perfect for dog lovers looking to learn something new. 

In second place was Padstow, Cornwall, with a score of 16.8/20. When it came to dog-friendly campsites, this destination scored 9.3/10 thanks to 35 bookable campsites, allowing it to be ideal for people looking to connect with the great outdoors. Not letting the side down when it came to hotels, this area also scored 7.5/10 for this category, highlighting the wide range of choices when it comes to accommodation for people bringing their pets along. 

Third up was Bamburgh in Northumberland, with an overall ranking of 14.6/20. Despite scoring only 4.6/10 when it came to dog-friendly campsites, this area redeemed itself by achieving top marks when it came to hotels that accept dogs. Perfect for people that enjoy their home comforts while they are travelling, this location is ideal for dog owners that would rather have a luxury mattress than an air bed.

In last place was Oban in the Scottish Highlands, once again, with a ranking of 0.4/20. As discussed previously, scores for both campsites and hotels were alarmingly low in this area, making it more of a challenge for people travelling with their dogs.

Foodie Favourites: Paw-Some Foodie Hotspots for You and Your Pooch

If you find your stomachs rumbling during your staycation, it is important to know where the local dog-friendly hang-outs are. First up, we had the appropriately named Bakewell, located in the Peak District. As well as having a name that sounds sugary-sweet, the area boasts an array of adorable cottages and stunning architecture to absorb yourself in while you are there. 

The town scored 10/10 when it came to dog-friendly places to eat, with a very impressive 28 locations allowing you and your furry friend to tuck into some delicious delicacies. In second place was Sidmouth in Devon, with a respectable score of 9.6/10. 16 recorded dog-friendly pubs and restaurants offer a variety of places to spend the evening with your canine companion after a long day of scenic walks along the coast. 

In third place was Ballycastle, situated in County Antrim. The glorious seaside town scored 9.3 on our seed list, with only five pubs in the local area and 20% of them stating that they are dog-friendly. Packed with hills and cliffs, offset by moody skies, this quaint location is guaranteed to offer the replenishing getaway of every dog lover’s dreams. 

At the bottom of the list was Crosby, Merseyside, with a very disheartening score of 0/10. Despite having 134 pubs and restaurants in the local area, only two of them claimed to be dog-friendly - resulting in only 1.49% of their establishments being suitable for dogs. This score is surprising, to say the least, due to nearby Southport and Liverpool both being known as top spots for tourists to visit.

Howl with Laughter: Places With Most Dog-Friendly Events and Attractions

If you are interested in more than walking and eating, then Brecon in the Brecon Beacons could be the spot for you. With 22 dog-friendly attractions and events, this location scored 10/10, with activities ranging from ‘Doggy Days’ at the National Botanic Gardens of Wales and Brecon Cathedral. There is also Brecon Beacons national park nearby, and for something different, why not try the Welsh Mining Experience nearby in Rhondda?

Next up there was Eastbourne, with a very healthy 18 dog-friendly attractions to visit. This scored this location an impressive 9.6/10, putting it very close to the top of the list. Pevensey Castle welcomes you and your dog with open arms, while there is also the seafront, the beach, and the South Downs National Park. Allow yourself to recharge as you take in the sea air and bask in the refreshing atmosphere. 

In third place was Falmouth in Cornwall, with a score of 8.9/10 - not only is this location famed for its surfers, but also offers a respectable 11 pup-friendly entertainment options. Carne Beach allows dogs, making it perfect for dogs that are fond of taking a dip in the sea. 

Polgwidden Cove offers more of an off-the-beaten-track experience, as it is neatly nestled away - offering peace and tranquillity. As well as this, Falmouth is also home to Pendennis Castle, ​​one of the finest of the mighty fortresses built by Henry VIII to defend the country against invasion.

At the other end of the scale was Whitley Bay, scoring 0/10, with only one attraction available for travellers and their pets. The seaside town is located in the county of Tyne and Wear, and comes equipped with only the North Yorkshire Moors Railway if you have your furry friend in tow.

Had a Ruff Time? The Staycation Spots With the Most Vets and Pet Shops

Finally, we understand that one of the worst things that can happen while on holiday with your dog is an accident or running out of essential supplies. With this in mind, we rounded up the locations with the most veterinary clinics and pet shops within a 5-mile radius, in order for you to have peace of mind on your trip.

First up we had Eastbourne, which scored 9.3/10 when it came to local vets and 10/10 for pet shops. With a very impressive 11 local vets, you can rest easy knowing that a pair of safe hands is close-by in case of emergencies. With a whopping 26 pet shops, you will also be unlikely to run short of food, treats, and even toys while you are away.

In second place for this category was Bognor Regis, with 8 veterinary clinics and 17 pet shops in close proximity to the town. This scored the area 8.2/10 for vets and 9.6/10 for pet shops, highlighting how safe and secure somebody travelling with their canine companion would be there. 

Third on our list was Torquay, Devon, with 13 veterinary clinics and 12 pet shops, showcasing another area ideal for a staycation with your pup. Attracting thousands of tourists each year, Torquay is famed for its Babbacombe Model Village and Cliff Railway, as well as many other dog-friendly activities. 

Tips on Staycationing with Your dog

Dan Yates, founder of, has offered some final tips and tricks to consider when embarking on a staycation with your dog:

“First of all, it is always crucial to remember to check your dogs for ticks. Walking in tall grass can make it easier for ticks to attach themselves to the legs and ears of your dogs and, as they are renowned for carrying Lyme disease, can make your pets very unwell if not removed and treated fast.

“Another thing to remember is towels, as the unpredictable British weather is bound to let you down at some point - the last thing you want is to ruin your car seats with mud, or to have to use the towels from the B&B you are staying at.

“This may seem obvious, but remembering to bring poop bags can be a big help in the right situation. If you forget them and are wandering around a busy town, it could become very messy and inconvenient to not have the essentials on you at all times - and may even be the difference between you incurring a fine or not.

“Like us, your dog is bound to get thirsty while walking around all day, so make sure you bring a dog bowl or some kind of container for them to drink from on the way, to avoid them becoming dehydrated. It could also be worthwhile to remember a parasol or smaller umbrella to use in intense heat or at the beach, as having a fur coat and not being able to sweat is a disastrous combination in very hot weather. 

“Lots of dogs are prone to anxiety around big crowds of people and new places. Because of this, it could be worthwhile to invest in a dog coat with the phrase ‘I AM ANXIOUS’, which avoids the risk of people approaching to stroke your dog and causing them to panic. 

“It would also be comforting for your dog to have their favourite toy or blanket with them, or something that smells of home to keep them calm. 

“Finally, it is always helpful to have a harness with you, rather than just a collar and a lead. A harness offers a lot more control over your dog, especially if they are a larger breed and tend to pull. Dogs can easily slip their collars, and the last thing you need is your dog running around a town you do not know.”


The UK’s Best Dog-Friendly Staycations

Looking at the top UK staycation towns with similar population sizes, we looked at 8 factors to determine the most dog-friendly. 

These were:

  1. Number of dog-friendly campsites 
  2. Number of dog-friendly hotels
  3. Number of dog-friendly beaches
  4. Number of dog-friendly pubs and restaurants
  5. Number of vets
  6. Number of dog-friendly walks
  7. Number of dog-friendly events and tourist attractions
  8. Number of independent pet shops

We gave each factor a score out of 10 using the PercentRank function, to give a total score out of 80 for each destination.

All searches used a 5-mile radius of each town, apart from when using TripAdvisor and, due to filtering options of less than a 2-mile radius being available. For hotels and restaurants, we found the percentage of dog-friendly vs non-dog-friendly sites to account for size differences in locations.

Overnight Howl-iday Destinations: The Most Dog-Friendly Hotels & Campsites

Looking at the top UK staycation towns with similar population sizes, we reviewed the number of dog-friendly campsites and hotels; taking the percentage of dog-friendly hotels to account for size differences of each location. We used all destinations within a 5-mile radius that were on and within a 2-mile radius due to available data. We then gave each town a score out of 20.

Foodie Favourites: Paw-Some Foodie Hotspots for You and Your dog

We used TripAdvisor to reveal the dog-friendly restaurants and pubs that were available in the top UK staycation towns with similar population sizes. We used a 2-mile radius due to the available data on TripAdvisor. All destinations were then scored out of 10 using the PercentRank function.

Howl with Laughter: Places With Most Dog-Friendly Events and Attractions

Using the top UK staycation towns with similar population sizes, we used multiple sources to reveal the number of dog-friendly events and tourist attractions available in a 5-mile radius of each area. We then combined these results and gave each destination a score out of 10 by using the PercentRank function. This list is non-exhaustive however each location has been compared using the same sources for consistency.

Had a Ruff Time? The Staycation Spots With the Most Vets and Pet Shops

We used Google to find all available pet shops and vets within a 5-mile radius of each of the top UK staycation towns with similar population sizes. Only independent pet shops were included when gathering data.