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Can I submit a review?

Yes, we’d love to hear about your experiences - your reviews, ratings and photos help us provide an impartial view of the accommodation listed on If you are a holidaymaker (not a permanent resident) who has visited and stayed on a campsite or holiday park, you are permitted to leave a review on our website.

If you booked through, we'll contact you two days after your departure date inviting you to leave a review of the site you stayed at with a link to add a review. If you didn't book through, search for the site that you stayed at and add a review via the 'Reviews' tab by clicking the grey ‘Review this site and win a £250 Amazon voucher!’ button. If you're not already a user, you'll need to go through a short registration process to do this.

When adding your review, you can also submit your photos of the site and these will be published in the main gallery.

Please note that site managers can opt to receive notifications of new reviews, and may dispute the content of your review if it is factually incorrect, from a suspected fictitious guest or personally insulting. If this happens, your review will be removed from the website pending our investigation. advises reviewers to keep photographic evidence if a review contains allegations which may be serious enough to prompt legal action. We reserve the right to remove any content if we believe that a breach of our terms and conditions has occurred.

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