There's a problem with a site I've booked - who should I contact?

If the problem relates to payment of your balance, amendments, cancellations, or to the campsite or holiday park itself, please contact the site direct using the contact details in your confirmation email. If you're already there, please raise any problems as quickly as possible, to allow them to be resolved before you leave.

If your complaint relates to something on, or you haven't received your booking confirmation email, please get in touch via our contact form.

Please note that has not conducted any quality or other checks on our listings and we do not guarantee that they will be suitable for you. See our terms and conditions for more information.

In the event of a double booking ("overbooking") situation, please contact the site manager who is responsible for maintaining the allocation on, who should be able to arrange alternative accommodation and will liaise with us regarding any refund of your deposit. Contact us if you require further assistance and we will do our best to help; however please bear in mind that we are a small company and may not be able to respond immediately.

After you return from your holiday, we will send you an invitation to submit a review should you wish to submit any additional feedback.