What is Pitchup doing to lessen the impact of the crisis?

We have been working hard to minimise the impact while ensuring public health guidelines are met:

  • For bookings made before March 1, 2022, we have extended our window for crediting deposits on cancellation to 3 months from the original arrival date, to encourage customers to rebook

  • All queries from live clients have been moved to a priority customer service queue, enabling us to deal with thousands of weekly enquiries from site owners and holidaymakers

  • We have published customer-facing and site owner-facing Coronavirus FAQs which we are updating regularly

  • We have updated numerous national and local media outlets on trading and the status of bookings. Topics submitted include ‘far-future’ booking behaviour

  • We have reconfigured our marketing campaigns to reflect a future staycation-led travel market (according to Google, declines in international travel are around twice as severe as domestic)

  • Our team has been working fully remotely since 16th March and is available every day to answer your questions (contact details)

  • We have made significant website performance improvements, in anticipation of recovery