My site has received a negative review. How can I remove it?

Our user reviews are intended to provide another perspective on our listed sites. Negative feedback is inevitable in any worthwhile reviews system and we hope that managers will treat constructive criticism as just that.

Although we don't remove reviews simply because they are negative, we recognise that not all reviews are genuine or accurate. To respond to a review you can:

1. Add a comment (recommended). In the 'Reviews' tab of our Manager Portal you can add a 'manager comment' to any review and this will be published beneath the live review. Please note that users do not automatically receive a copy of your comment. For guidelines on how best to comment on a review, see How should I respond to a review for my site/park?

2. Use our dispute process. You can ask us to remove a review that is from a fictitious guest, contains serious personal insults, or contains substantial false information by clicking 'dispute' next to the review in your Manager Portal. Reasons must be provided in the dispute form. A disputed review will be removed from pending our investigation of your complaint. Please note that we will only remove reviews in exceptional circumstances. Customers' trust in is based on the fact that we publish their reviews, albeit some of them may appear to be unfair feedback. In the majority of cases we will please ask that you use the manager comment section to set the record straight and this will appear directly below the review on your listing page.

To add a comment or dispute a review, log in to your Manager Portal, click the 'Reviews' tab and find the review you would like to address.

As an additional service, Managers can opt to receive alerts of new reviews in the Manager Portal. If you have not claimed a Manager Portal for your site and registered your email with us, please follow the instructions to do so on the sign up form.

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TripAdvisor is an open forum and publishes all reviews which meet our review criteria. Please be aware that TripAdvisor cannot accept unsolicited documentation regarding the validity of reviews. Owners are welcome to write a management response to any review they receive.