I am selling my business. How can I reassign my Pitchup listing?

To transfer your Pitchup listing to a new user, visit My details to change the manager (login) email address if necessary. We also recommend the new user requests a new password.

Typically, if you are selling the assets of the business we would provide a new online agreement for the buyers to accept - please contact us to let us know when the sale completes. If you are selling the company and existing agreements roll over to the new owners, there is no need to amend the agreement.

If you use Stripe, there are two options:

  • contact us to disconnect the existing Stripe account on the completion date. The new owner will be able to set up a new account and link it to the manager portal. Any pending balance payments should be credited to the new Stripe account on the due date automatically 

It shouldn't be necessary to contact customers about the sale unless the holiday (as described when bought) will change due to the sale, or you need to provide new contact details.

If you need to change the email address used for new bookings and arrival reminders, or your telephone numbers, please visit Site info / General information in your manager portal.

Accounting information, including links to invoices for Pitchup's commission and Stripe's fees, are available on the Bookings tab in the 'Payup accounting' and 'Downloads' sections.

Please also let us know the new owner's name and contact details so that we can train any new staff in good time for the sale completion, and feel free to get in touch if you have any other questions.