When can I collect the balance?

You determine your own policy regarding when you would like to receive the balance payment. This policy is displayed prominently for customers on the 'Policies' tab on your listing, on the booking form, and on the customer’s booking confirmation email. We take our commission as a 'deposit' on booking, so we do not allow campsites/parks to take a second deposit because this confuses users and they may decide it's not worth the hassle.

If you normally take a deposit at some point after the Pitchup.com booking, we advise you to take the full balance, since customers have already paid a deposit to Pitchup.com. Some of our sites take the balance on arrival - please bear in mind the risk of customers cancelling or not turning up.

To avoid chasing payments and losing money from no-shows, listings in countries where Stripe is supported which are going live for bookings will need to sign up to Payup, our automated payment system, if they wish to collect the balance payment before arrival. Payup will trigger the balance payment from the customer’s card (on the date specified by the campsite/park) and send it direct to your bank account. Find out more about Payup here.

You may need to modify your cancellation policy to take account of the fact that Pitchup.com's deposit is non-refundable (check the circumstances under which you need to refund the Pitchup.com deposit here). Please inform Pitchup.com if a customer cancels their booking with you using our flagging system in the 'Bookings' tab of the manager portal. This will ensure you receive daily booking reminder emails that are completely accurate and up to date.

If you are signed up to Payup, the payment date settings you have set in the portal will affect how you deal with a cancellation. Click here for more information about cancellations using Payup.