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Yes, we do like to be beside the seaside

Jul 17 2012 Posted by Laura Canning

There are forests, mountains, lakes, moors and more to take in around Britain, but a recent survey has found where people really get the feelgood factor – the seaside.

The study polled 2,750 people and found that the fresh air of the seaside had a better effect on mood than being in an urban park or the countryside.

Researchers Dr Mathew White and Katherine Ashbully studied people’s interactions with different landscapes for over two years, finding that the seaside and coast came out top with both hikers and holidaymakers.

Participants showed an ‘innate preference’ for the coast and seaside, said Dr White, perhaps because of the soothing effect of being near water.

Sceptical? Going to the seaside for a health or feelgood break has been popular in Britain since Georgian times and you’ll be in the company of notable seaside break Brits including Jane Austen and Charlotte Brontë. The sea air is said to increase oxygen intake and balance serotonin, while you can also top up your vitamin D in the sun or have a seaweed wrap to top up your zinc and magnesium. Check out our info on sites near beaches here