I've signed up to Payup: what do I do now?

Payup will take payments automatically in accordance to your current payment date settings: check this is set up correctly in your ‘Payment’ section of the manager portal.

For example, Willow Holidays' payment terms are set to payment in advance four weeks before the arrival date. If Willow Holidays receives a £100 booking made on 15 July for arrival on 30 August, £15 will be taken immediately for Pitchup.com and £85 will be taken on 2 August and transferred directly to Willow Holidays by Stripe. The payment timeline will work like this:

Staggered payment scenario

Willow Holidays' payment terms also specify that if a booking is made after 4 weeks before arrival, then payment is to be taken as soon as possible. So, if a £100 booking is made on 15 July for arrival on 18 July, £15 will be taken now for Pitchup.com and £85 will be taken now and transferred directly to Willow Holidays' Stripe account. In this scenario, the payment timeline will look like this:

Immediate payment scenario

How to manage Payup.