How often do I need to update your site? What about double bookings? I already spend too much time updating websites.

We want to minimise the time you spend updating our site and leave you free to run your business, so we've made it quick and easy to update your listing. Our Manager Portal has been carefully designed to be as easy to use as possible - low maintenance and flexible, minimising the risk of double bookings. Visit our site regularly to add new photos, facilities or attractions, and check for new features such as new search fields that you can appear in.

For bookable listings, the update process for availability and/or prices is simple, even over long periods and multiple types of pitch, with our mass update forms and editable calendar. We want the update process to pay off through high volumes of bookings or higher-quality enquiries, with less time wasted on speculative calls and emails about fully-booked periods.

The online booking service works on an allocation basis - to avoid any possibility of double bookings, we recommend allocating vacancies to us on an exclusive basis, blocking out these vacancies so that they're not available to book direct with you or via another booking agent. If you want to remove vacancies from us to sell direct, or add more, you can do this in seconds - but experience has shown that double bookings (and unhappy customers!) may occur if vacancies are available via multiple sources. This also means that you don't need to update our system if you book pitches for that period direct or via another source.

If you do not wish to allocate any vacancies exclusively to, please take care to keep your allocation up to date, especially if you sell out.

Remember - if you need to reduce, increase or cancel’s allocation as the date of the holiday approaches, you can update the site instantly - allocations are fully under your control and there are no penalties or release fees, either. booking confirmation emails are immediately sent to the customer AND to the email address specified for your site (not the Manager's email address). Please check email regularly to ensure that last-minute bookings aren't a surprise!

We show all bookings in a 'Bookings' tab within your Manager Portal, and we automatically reduce your allocation - so you have full visibility of the remaining allocation.