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Two Hoots Campsite

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Perfectly peaceful pods peeping out of a bluebell grove, with a verdant view that goes on for miles; after a bit of R&R here, you won’t give two hoots about all the stresses of your daily grind. With the delights of the New Forest, the South Downs National Park and a heritage steam railway on the doorstep, Two Hoots Campsite is perfect for those looking for a hassle-free escape to Hampshire.

The comfy, heated pods have kingsize beds with bedding supplied, so all you need to do is rock up and relax, with no worries about noisy ball games or rowdy groups nearby: this is a bijou site for grown-ups only.

Two Hoots Campsite has received multiple plaudits for its innovative approach and eco-friendly facilities, which include a utilities block with fridge, microwave and kettle, plus of course showers and loos.

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  • Sutton Wood Lane, Bighton, Alresford, Winchester, Χαμπσάιρ, Αγγλία, SO24 9SG
  • Ζώνη ώρας Europe/London +0000 (GMT+00:00)   GPS 51.0927°N 1.1014°W

Πλησιέστερη συγκοινωνία

Σταθμοί πούλμαν
Winchester: St Catherine's P&R Coach Stop — 14,9 χλμ.
Winchester: Town Centre Coach Stops — 15,0 χλμ.
Petersfield: Dragon Street Coach Stop — 15,3 χλμ.
Σιδηροδρομικοί σταθμοί
Alton Rail Station — 11,5 χλμ.
Petersfield Rail Station — 14,7 χλμ.
Micheldever Rail Station — 15,0 χλμ.
Λιμάνια φέρι
Hamble-le-Rice Ferry Landing — 30,0 χλμ.
Warsash Ferry Landing — 30,1 χλμ.
Southampton Vehicle Ferry Terminal — 30,6 χλμ.
Southampton Airport — 24,1 χλμ.


Full road directions will be sent with your booking conformation, if you require any other transport information just ask.

Grid Ref: SU6302132970
From the A31 which runs between Alton & Winchester there is a village called Ropley.

By Car: From Ropley Dean (the main road in Ropley) turn onto Bighton Hill (it's a small crossroads, signposted Bighton). Bighton Hill leads directly into Sutton Wood Lane on one of the bends.
You will go up a hill, over a small railway bridge, pass a few houses and bungalows on the left, then the road narrows with a sharp blind right hand, then left-hand bend. You are now in Sutton Wood Lane. You pass a drive on your left, this is called “The Ramblers” (although there is no sign). Our site is the next drive on the left side with double wooden five-bar gates and campsite signs. It’s just before “Cartrel” bungalow and the next right hand bend.

Please don’t turn in until you see campsite signs. Our neighbours won’t appreciate a visit, however short!

By Train: mainline train to Alton and either the bus to Ropley or take a steam train on the famous Watercress steam railway line to Ropley station (timetable allowing) approx 1.1 miles from us...uphill !
Or a main line train to Winchester & bus from here.

By Bus: the main bus stops are at Ropley Dean (approx one mile from the site uphill!). The 64 stops here.

Σημειώστε ότι: Όλες οι αποστάσεις σε αυτή τη σελίδα υπολογίζονται με βάση τη συντομότερη διαδρομή. Παρακαλείστε να ελέγξετε την πραγματική απόσταση, ανάλογα με το μεταφορικό σας μέσο, χρησιμοποιώντας το κουμπί «Λήψη οδηγιών» που υπάρχει παραπάνω.

Τοπικά αξιοθέατα

A short stroll from Two Hoots Campsite is the picturesque Watercress Steam Railway, which wends its way through ten miles of pretty Hampshire countryside from Alresford to Alton. Alresford itself is a beautiful town with colour-washed Georgian buildings, interesting specialist shops and eateries, and a lovely riverside walk.

The local area has something for all tastes: action junkies can try out tank driving, quad biking and go karting, or for something more sedate, hot air ballooning; for countryphiles, there are country parks, nature reserves and pretty gardens to explore; history buffs will find Stonehenge is easily accessible, along with Jane Austen’s House and other famous country piles; the nearby zoo, Birdworld, farms and Hawk Conservancy Trust should satisfy the most demanding of animal fans; and there are even wine-tasting opportunities at the local vineyard for oenophiles. Plus of course miles of walking, cycling and horse-riding through the glorious scenery surrounding the site...

The medieval city of Winchester, with its magnificent cathedral, museums and shopping, and the ancient market town of Petersfield, which also has a bustling cultural scene, are both around 11 miles from Two Hoots Campsite.

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Πρέπει να δείτε

  • Mid-Hants Railway 'Watercress Line' (4,3 χλμ.)
  • Jane Austen's House (9,1 χλμ.)
  • INTECH Science Centre & Planetarium (12,0 χλμ.)

National Trust

  • Hinton Ampner (6,5 χλμ.)
  • Winchester City Mill (14,9 χλμ.)

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Επιπρόσθετοι όροι

All site rules must be agreed and adhered to: this includes rules on arrival and departure times, noise, visitors, smoking, BBQs and site speed limit.

A £10 key loss deposit will be asked for on arrival for the pod key - this will be refunded when the key is returned.

Any damage to the pods must be paid for.

Unless agreed otherwise this pod booking will be allocated to any one of our four pods.

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