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Blog posts from abril 2011

  1. Escape the Royal Wedding!

    abril 18, 2011
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    The Royal honeymoon?

    No doubt you’ll have discovered by now that, wherever in the world you are, it’s impossible to escape the royal ruddy wedding (apparently on too, but bear with us). I’m on holiday in a far distant land at the moment, and picked up a copy of a British paper …

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  2. Camping in literature

    abril 14, 2011
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    Like camping in TV and film, camping in books is split into two, erm, camps. There's the 'Off we go a-camping in the Dell' type of children's books such as

    Swallows and Amazons

    and pretty much any Enid Blyton book not set in a boarding school, where rosy-cheeked youngsters swig …

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  3. Camp Fire Cooking

    abril 5, 2011
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    Now that we've experimented with the

    best way to build a campfire

    , we thought we'd try and figure out how to cook on the thing without relying on army freeze-dried meals, hooking out charred tins of beans with a stick, or eating only the (albeit very yummy)


    . …

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