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Parcel·les per a caravanes

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Parcel·les per a caravanes

Hitch up your caravan and take it onto the road to around 4,000 touring caravan sites listed on

Caravan pitches aren’t what they used to be – these days you can stay on a site with wifi or with an indoor swimming pool (or a spa and sauna) so there’s no need to forego the luxuries. And you’ll be in good company, with celebs like Billie Piper, Kate Moss and Chris Evans all known for taking to the roads in caravans - and some inspired peeps designing some very inspired caravans.

There’s loads to see all around the country – have a look at the nearby attractions and events on each listing for some inspiration as well as details of pubs, walks and beaches nearby. Our biggest recommendation is to take off in your caravan and pretend you don’t have to go to work on Monday – if you’re in a tourer, who’s going to find you?

Millors parcel·les per a caravanes

  • 10 England, Midlands, Lincolnshire a partir de 22,00 £/25,15 €/40,05 AU$/30,82 USD/40,23 CAD/29,45 CHF/253,08 SEK/187,32 DKK/238,45 NOK/3.080 ISK/624,12 ARS/18.801 CLP/100,65 PEN/42,90 NZ$/368,51 ZAR/106,36 PLN/102,09 BRL/639,37 CZK/2.978 RSD/7.834,06 HUF/1.774,26 RUB/195,16 ¥
  • 10 England, Sud-oest (Anglaterra), Devon a partir de 13,00 £/14,86 €/23,66 AU$/18,21 USD/23,77 CAD/17,40 CHF/149,55 SEK/110,69 DKK/140,90 NOK/1.820 ISK/368,80 ARS/11.110 CLP/59,48 PEN/25,35 NZ$/217,76 ZAR/62,85 PLN/60,33 BRL/377,81 CZK/1.760 RSD/4.629,21 HUF/1.048,43 RUB/115,32 ¥
  • 10 Republic of Ireland, República d'Irlanda, Sligo a partir de 15,75 £/18,00 €/28,66 AU$/22,06 USD/28,79 CAD/21,08 CHF/181,15 SEK/134,08 DKK/170,68 NOK/2.204 ISK/446,72 ARS/13.458 CLP/72,04 PEN/30,71 NZ$/263,77 ZAR/76,13 PLN/73,07 BRL/457,64 CZK/2.132 RSD/5.607,36 HUF/1.269,96 RUB/139,69 ¥
  • 10 France, Migdia-Pirineus, Alts Pirineus a partir de 14,78 £/16,90 €/26,91 AU$/20,71 USD/27,04 CAD/19,79 CHF/170,08 SEK/125,88 DKK/160,25 NOK/2.070 ISK/419,42 ARS/12.635 CLP/67,64 PEN/28,83 NZ$/247,65 ZAR/71,48 PLN/68,61 BRL/429,67 CZK/2.002 RSD/5.264,69 HUF/1.192,35 RUB/131,15 ¥
  • 10 Wales, Gal·les del Sud, Pembrokeshire a partir de 16,00 £/18,29 €/29,13 AU$/22,42 USD/29,26 CAD/21,42 CHF/184,06 SEK/136,23 DKK/173,42 NOK/2.240 ISK/453,90 ARS/13.674 CLP/73,20 PEN/31,20 NZ$/268,01 ZAR/77,35 PLN/74,25 BRL/465,00 CZK/2.166 RSD/5.697,50 HUF/1.290,37 RUB/141,93 ¥
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Parcel·les per a caravanes - France

1.185 càmpings amb parcel·les per a caravanes - France

Parcel·les per a caravanes - England

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Parcel·les per a caravanes - Spain

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  1. Newquay
  2. Bude
  3. Haverfordwest
  4. Skegness
  5. Norwich
  6. York
  7. Penzance
  8. Carmarthen
  9. Dorchester
  10. Helston