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If you happily announce to friends and colleagues that you're off to a campsite for your hols, we bet they'll picture you in a tent.

So fix them with a steely glare and inform them that caravan holidays are in fact one of the most popular ways for folk to go a-roaming these days, with absolutely millions of camping and caravanning trips these days spent snugly in statics. (You may also want to use the phrase 'tiptop choice'.)

Our parks with caravans for hire cover everything from luxury static caravans to refurbished vintage wagons and come in all flavours, from peaceful sites and remote locations to family-friendly parks near a beach – and quite a bit in between. If you need some inspiration, some of our top-rated caravan campsites and our latest caravan holiday offers are below, or you can browse by location, price, user review, availability and over 80 filters from utilities on site to leisure nearby.

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  • 10 England, Sud-oest (Anglaterra), Devon a partir de 55,00 £/62,76 €/100,34 AU$/77,46 USD/98,12 CAD/75,27 CHF/651,31 SEK/467,40 DKK/603,77 NOK/7.738 ISK/1.561,39 ARS/46.077 CLP/249,44 PEN/106,77 NZ$/927,33 ZAR/261,34 PLN/262,16 BRL/1.589,58 CZK/7.413 RSD/19.467,87 HUF/4.724,42 RUB/486,41 ¥
  • 10 Wales, Gal·les del Sud, Pembrokeshire a partir de 35,00 £/39,94 €/63,85 AU$/49,29 USD/62,44 CAD/47,90 CHF/414,47 SEK/297,44 DKK/384,22 NOK/4.924 ISK/993,61 ARS/29.322 CLP/158,73 PEN/67,94 NZ$/590,12 ZAR/166,31 PLN/166,83 BRL/1.011,55 CZK/4.717 RSD/12.388,65 HUF/3.006,45 RUB/309,53 ¥
  • 10 Wales, Gal·les Occidental, Ceredigion a partir de 49,00 £/55,91 €/89,39 AU$/69,01 USD/87,42 CAD/67,06 CHF/580,25 SEK/416,41 DKK/537,91 NOK/6.894 ISK/1.391,05 ARS/41.051 CLP/222,23 PEN/95,12 NZ$/826,17 ZAR/232,83 PLN/233,56 BRL/1.416,17 CZK/6.604 RSD/17.344,11 HUF/4.209,03 RUB/433,34 ¥
  • 10 Wales, Gal·les Occidental, Powys a partir de 80,00 £/91,28 €/145,94 AU$/112,67 USD/142,72 CAD/109,48 CHF/947,35 SEK/679,86 DKK/878,21 NOK/11.255 ISK/2.271,11 ARS/67.021 CLP/362,82 PEN/155,30 NZ$/1.348,85 ZAR/380,13 PLN/381,32 BRL/2.312,11 CZK/10.782 RSD/28.316,91 HUF/6.871,89 RUB/707,50 ¥
  • 10 Wales, Gal·les del Sud, Pembrokeshire a partir de 195,00 £/222,50 €/355,74 AU$/274,64 USD/347,88 CAD/266,86 CHF/2.309,17 SEK/1.657,15 DKK/2.140,64 NOK/27.434 ISK/5.535,83 ARS/163.364 CLP/884,37 PEN/378,53 NZ$/3.287,82 ZAR/926,56 PLN/929,47 BRL/5.635,77 CZK/26.281 RSD/69.022,46 HUF/16.750,22 RUB/1.724,53 ¥
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