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Camp with zombies down under

Jul 9 2012 Posté par Laura Canning

It's a strange idea for a camping holiday, but we're tempted anyway. A company in Australia is offering punters the chance to hide out in the bush and fight off the lumbering undead, in a human v zombies camping trip planned for later this year. 

Armed only with Nerf guns, players will camp out in the bush for a week, fighting off any zombies who wander into their camp. The event will have ten 'alpha zombies' who'll spend the week infecting as many human players as they can, with the numbers of zombies and humans totted up at the end of the week.

If there are more human survivors than zombies, then humankind gets to live another day, and the military lands in to rescue all the survivors. If there are more zombies than humans - well, then we're all doomed. 

It looks like zombie hunting (or fleeing in fear when your ammo runs out) is becoming quite the trendy thing to do - there's a company in Birmingham offering a zombie boot camp and there are zombie survival courses available in the USA. You can also battle the undead in manor houses in Manchester or in shopping malls in Reading, and we're sure there are more plans afoot for zombie splattering as the trend takes off. 

Although of course it's all much more fun when you add camping into the mix and get to rock back and forth in a terrified manner inside a tent all night, unable to unclench your fingers from your Nerf gun. Yep, much more fun. UK campsites please take note.