I've already got plenty of bookings for this season, why should I use Pitchup.com?

Even if your site is almost fully booked, Pitchup.com is a great way to fill last-minute vacancies and cancellations, as well as off-season dates which are more difficult to fill. 
So our team can invest the time into helping send bookings your way and ensure your listing is a successful as possible, and so that we can offer our customers plenty of choice and availability, we ask that you meet our reasonable level of allocation requirements to become (and remain) a bookable listing on Pitchup.com - particularly for bank holidays and during peak season. This level will vary depending on the time of year, your location etc. For more information please contact your account manager.
Not having enough allocation can lead to frustrated customers and as we rank sites by availability, if you have not provided peak allocation you will appear much lower in customers’ search results. So in order to get noticed by customers (and not lose them to nearby sites with availability), make sure you have consistent allocation on Pitchup.com during your opening months so they can find you and complete their booking easily!
Remember you’re in full control - so feel free to add as much allocation as possible so that you needn’t spend time constantly topping up once you’re live for bookings. Should you need to, you can decrease your allocation directly on the calendar as the season progresses.