How can I best prepare for the end of this crisis?

Many new sites are currently joining Pitchup with summer allocation. While no one can predict the trajectory of this crisis, the likelihood is that if it ends before summer, booking windows will be extremely short.

Pitchup excels at delivering high numbers of bookings at short notice, with some clients receiving over 50 per day even in normal times. Half of our bookings last year were taken on our award-winning mobile site, particularly suited to late bookings. With our SEO, newsletter, public relations and paid-search campaigns and translation into 16 languages, we'll leave no stone unturned to sell your vacancies.

Here are our recommendations on minimising the impact of this crisis:

  • Encourage existing customers to postpone, not cancel

  • Attract new bookings by relaxing your cancellation policy

  • Switch to taking the balance in advance. This provides up to 12 weeks’ cashflow benefit, even more so if the option below to pay in full is ticked. You would receive the balance directly from the customer’s card on the due date, enjoying industry-leading low processing fees we've specially negotiated for Pitchup clients. Around half of our clients use this method : please note this option is only available if the same policy applies to direct bookings (Site info tab / Payments)

  • If you take payment in advance, ensure you are allowing customers to pay the full amount on booking (Site info tab / Payments / tick ‘Allow users to choose to pay full amount immediately.’)

  • Review our ideas on how to improve your ranking and results

  • Attract ‘far-future’ bookings by adding availability for 2022 and beyond How to add allocation How to add rates

  • Take advantage of this period to set up integration with your booking system. The post-pandemic period will be busy: you’ll want to generate as many bookings as possible, but managing the recovery will be much easier with systems working seamlessly together

  • Unprecedented government support is available for your business


Contact your account manager or our customer service team for more help.