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Blog posts from juny 2010

  1. My Cool Caravan's top five touring caravans

    juny 23, 2010
    per | guest posts

    When sourcing the touring caravans which featured in the book 'My Cool Caravan', which I co authored with Jane Field-Lewis, my 'favourite' caravan changed on a daily and sometimes hourly basis. Was it the shape, the use of the space within, the rarity or the cool factor...? It was most ...

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  2. Eccentric UK festivals - camping and caravan holidays nearby

    juny 18, 2010
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    Britain boasts a patchwork of quirky countryside festivals. Sadly, the centuries-old Gloucestershire cheese-rolling event was cancelled this year for reasons of health and safety. Nevertheless the spirit of eccentric Britain soldiers on through numerous countryside fetes.

    Ever considered exploring Britain’s rich tapestry of festivals through camping and caravanning?

    Caravan ...

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