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My site isn't listed. How can I add it?

To add a site, check we don't already list it (we often do!). If we do list your site already, let us know its yours by clicking ‘Claim site’ on the listing page (you’ll find this under the ‘Manage listing’ header towards the bottom left-hand side of the listing). This will send a notification to the team. Alternatively, find and select your site using our sign up form, and submit your details to us there.

If we don't already list your site, just fill in our sign up form and start completing your listing in our manager portal (which you’ll gain direct access to). Please note, we have a backlog of free listing requests but we will review your information and activate your free listing as soon as possible.

If you’re after a bookable listing, once you are in the manager portal, please click the blue ‘Add business details' button on the home page. Complete the thermometer in the manager portal and click ‘Request activation’ when you get to 100%. Upgrading to a bookable listing is free, for more information click here.

If you need any help setting up your bookable listing, just contact us. A link to our site would be appreciated.