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What restrictions have destination countries put in place?










  • Northern Ireland: All tourism accommodation and hospitality venues are open.
  • England: Holidays in England are allowed and holiday accommodation are open.
  • Wales: All holiday accommodation are open and there are currently no restrictions on travelling to Wales. 
  • Scotland: Tourist accommodation are open and there are currently no restrictions on travelling to Scotland




Department for the Economy - Northern Ireland

Welsh Government

Scottish Government




  • Campsites and holiday parks are open.
  • Indoor restaurants and bars are open and proof of vaccination (or recovery from COVID-19) is no longer required to access indoor services.

  • Social distancing is no longer required. 






Irish Government





  • Campsites and holiday parks can accommodate guests in compliance with health regulations.

  • Since 14 March 2022, the application of the "vaccine pass" (proof of full vaccination for all persons 16 years and older) has been suspended in all places where it was required (places of leisure and culture, catering activities, trade fairs and exhibitions, long distance transport...).
  • View specific entry rules for each country.






French Government





  • As of 1st May, the health certificate is no longer required to access public places (both indoor and outdoor), including campsites and their facilities.

  • The requirement to wear Ffp2 face masks is still in force on all means of transport, as well as in theatres, cinemas, indoor music and sport venues. In all other crowded indoor public spaces, face masks are not mandatory but only recommended.

  • Please view detailed information here.
  • Fill in this online questionnaire to view specific entry rules for your country.







Italian government


Ministry of Health


Italian Tourism Official Website


  • There are no coronavirus entry rules for people travelling from countries within the EU/Schengen area and from countries participating in the EU travel rules scheme.

  • If you are travelling by air, complete a health declaration form.

  • Find out the rules that apply when you travel from other countries via this link.










Government on visiting the Netherlands from abroad




  • Campsites and holiday parks can accommodate guests in compliance with health regulations.

  • Regional governments are in charge of implementing their own restrictions to control the pandemic, so regulations may vary according to each region. You can find specific information for each region here.

  • The use of face masks is no longer required in public places, although it is mandatory in public transport and health centres.

  • In order to enter Spain, all travellers regardless of their country of origin must show an EU Digital Covid Certificate or equivalent proof of vaccination, proof of recovery, or negative test result. Find specific information here.







Spanish government

Mandatory online form to enter Spain






  • There are currently no COVID-related regulations for the tourism and hospitality sector in place. Admission to campsites, restaurants, bars, shops or venues is no longer subject to restrictions.

  • The use of face masks is obligatory only in public transport and health clinics. Venues and public places may introduce the use of face masks individually.

  • The federal states have the right to declare themselves a “COVID hotspot”, introducing regulations such as the use of health certificates or masks as entry requirements. A collection of links to the websites of all federal governments is available here.

  • Entry from abroad: information on entry regulations is available on this website.






Federal Government