What booking systems do you link to?

We currently link to Anytime Booking, RMS, STAAH and SuperControl. Find out about the features of each integration here.

If you use another booking system, you can easily add and update your allocation in your manager portal. Allocate as many units as you want, and increase or reduce them instantly. By ring-fencing some units for us, there's no need to update our system if you receive bookings from elsewhere, unless of course you need them back.

You can also download a spreadsheet of existing allocation for easy comparison with your booking system, or switch off your booking within a certain number of hours of arrival.

Try our system out with a low allocation to begin with to minimise the time you'll need to spend updating Pitchup.com.

If you use another booking system provider, please forward this guide to your booking system provider who will be able to advise on whether your system can use the API. Our API has been designed to be straightforward to use and can take as little as half a day for your booking system provider to set up.

If you're a booking system provider and would like to connect to our API, contact us.

See also our FAQ 'How does the booking systems work?'.