9 reasons to choose a glamping or camping trip over a hotel holiday


Sunset campingSwap the hotel room for a tent (or a lodgeyurt, or shepherd’s hut…) on your next trip away. There are so many benefits to spending time outdoors, spanning everything from saving cash to boosting your health. 

In fact, the reasons for giving a camping trip a go are pretty much countless – but we’ve managed to whittle them down to the top nine.

1. Camping is a brilliant budget break

The low cost of a camping trip is usually what lures in first-timers – there are just so many bargain breaks to be had at campsites and holiday parks. And you won’t just save on the pitch price; it’s also easier to cook alfresco (thus avoiding splurging on eating out) when living outdoors.

Lots of the activities associated with camping holidays – hiking and beachcombing, for example – come at the grand fee of absolutely nothing, too. 

Keen to cut cash on your next holiday? Take a look at our budget and backpacker-friendly campsites or peruse Pitchup's offers page.

2. It gets you closer to nature

In fact, we’d go as far as to say it’s trickier to get any nearer nature than when you’re camping. Pick your place – using Pitchup's tickbox filters to decide whether you want a spot in spectacular scenery, a remote location or a wildlife haven – and the best benefits of being outdoors come part and parcel of the experience. 

You’re also more likely to be right next to walking trails or cycle paths than if you were hunkering down at a hotel (so make sure to bring your bike and some sturdy boots).

3. It’s ideal for big celebrations and group holidays

With many sites having tons of open-air space, camping is an excellent choice for group trips. Forget booking multiple hotel rooms and having to organise meals out – pitch up at a spacious park with friends and family instead. Long evenings spending quality time around the campfire? Yes, please. 

Here’s a guide to planning a group camping trip on Pitchup.

4. Camping's got all sorts of health benefits

There’s no TV to slump in front of when you’re camping – you’re just more naturally likely to be moving about, whether for a wander down to the nearest beach or a day-long hike in the hills. 

Science also says spending time outdoors improves your mental as well as physical health. Overnighting in nature reconnects you with your natural circadian rhythms, helping you to improve your sleep. Soooo… anyone for a nap under the trees?

5. It can still be fancy (and, arguably, much more fun)

If camping conjures up thoughts of saggy tents and soggy socks, it’s time to get to grips with glamping. This mash-up of the words ‘glam’ and ‘camping’ means exactly what it sounds like: an elevated version of pitching up. 

Browse all sorts of luxury campsites, from bell tents with hot tubs to heated cabins that come with champagne-filled welcome packs. You might just get hooked.

6. It’s a trip with a twist 

Why bed down in a bland hotel room when you can settle into an exotic yurt, comfy camping pod or a top treehouseIf you’re up for camping outdoors for the first time, it definitely doesn’t need to be in a bog-standard tent (although don’t knock that till you’ve tried it…). 


7. It’s the best way to ditch the devices

Tearing yourself away from technology when at home can be tricky. To go cold turkey – at least for a night or so – try off-grid camping. Leave the devices behind (or choose a site with no phone signal and wifi) and pack plenty of books and games. 

You can reconnect as a couple or family a little easier with fewer tech-shaped distractions, and it’s also a top-notch way to meet new people. 

Sociable sort? Have a look for sites with bars and clubhouses. We’ve also got lots of listings with activities on site, like fishing and tennis, to distract you from devices

8. Camping trips teach you outdoorsy skills

Necessity is the mother of invention, so there’s nothing quite like being in the middle of nowhere to get you up to speed on how to use a compass, build a campfire or read a map.

(We’d definitely recommend at least learning a few skills like putting your tent up before bounding off into the unknown, however…). 

9. It’s a doddle to find dog-friendly options 

If a family holiday isn’t a family holiday when the dog’s not invited, camping is a champion choice. There are oodles more campsites and holiday parks welcoming four-legged friends than hotels. In fact, Pitchup alone has more than 3,000 dog-friendly sites across the world, some with exclusive exercise areas for your pet to snuffle around.

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