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Kimaro Farmhouse

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  • Scenic and peaceful site with a private fishing and swimming lake
  • Within easy reach of the Loire for canoeing, kayaking and fishing
  • Orchard for fruit picking, communal meals and campfire evenings

There’s a raft of reasons why you should pitch up at Kimaro Farmhouse in the Nièvre department... the highly spectacular scenery, perhaps, or the private swimming and fishing lake... or the outdoor activities nearby (of which there are many).

Less than 10 minutes' drive from the village of Colméry, Kimaro Farmhouse is close to the Loire river for canoeing, kayaking and fishing, while the dense forests around the site are tiptop for walking and mountain biking. For day trips – not that you'll need them – the lakes and woodland of the Morvan Regional Natural Park are 40 minutes to the east. (And for less active day trips, the wineries around Pouilly-sur-Loire and Sancerre are 30 to 45 minutes drive away.)

On site, follow the sandy trail to the forest and forage for mushrooms, have a dip or a fish in the lake or make the most of all the space around to stretch out and snooze or get active with outdoor games. Further foraging can be embarked on around the site’s orchard, laden with fruit including pears, cherries, plums, figs, blackberries and raspberries, and you can collect fresh eggs daily for breakfast from the hen house.

Come evening time, owners Marleen and Robby oft construct a cosy campfire by the lake, and when the weather’s fine Marleen regularly hosts communal meals in the barn for guests to mingle at (pick up a bottle of Burgundy wine from a local cellar and bring along to sip and share).

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Πλυντήριο με κερματοδέκτη

Κατάψυξη για παγοκύστες

Εγκαταστάσεις για ΑμεΑ

Μπάνιο για γονείς και βρέφη

Υπηρεσία παραλαβής από δημόσιες συγκοινωνίες

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  • Les Bougauderies d'en Bas, D117, Colméry, Νιέβρ, Γαλλία, 58350
  • Ζώνη ώρας Europe/Paris CEST (GMT+02:00)   GPS 47.3406°N 3.2813°E


Τοπικά αξιοθέατα

Head to the banks of the Loire river nearby to swim and fish in, or if instead prefer your dips in a public pool there’s one over in Donzy, 15 minutes' drive away. For lofty sorts seeking thrills, a treetop adventure park is at Treigny half an hour from the site.

Town times should be had in handsome old Vézelay (45 minutes), where there are lush views over the Monts de Morvan and a heady hike along the town's main street to the UNESCO-listed basilica. Those partial to a spot or history and culture should make a beeline for Château de Guédelon (40 minutes), a project that aimed to built a fort using only materials and techniques used in medieval times.

More watery times are easily sorted at Cosne-sur-Loire (30 minutes), where you can hire canoes to paddle off along the Loire – or stay on land for horseback trips into the countryside from town. Beaches, fishing and a leisure centre with sailing, windsurfing and boat and pedalo hire are at the 220-hectare waters of Lac du Bourdon, 40 minutes away.

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