Camping Gosén

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A wildlife refuge, volcanoes and vibrant rainforests surround the peaceful riverside site of Camping Gosén, set among the volcanic mountain chains and grassy foothills of Heredia and within 45 minutes’ drive of Costa Rica's capital San José. There's loads to do nearby, such as energetic hikes that take intrepid sorts through the rainforest around the Cerro Dantas peak and along the Río Mancarrón stream, or day tripping to the nearby cities of Alajuela and Escazú. Camping Gosén is surrounded by a well-maintained garden scattered with fruit trees and wild flowers – just the ticket for lazing after a long day’s hike. For more chill out time you're welcome to pull out a barbecue and soak up the rays, or spend an hour or two in the TV room. A gym and football pitch make this site a good bet for sporty types too, or if you're craving a restful time there's free wifi for surfing. And after all your relaxing, telly watching or toning up in the gym? The site also has a bar, restaurant and takeaway to have your eats sorted.

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Camping Gosén

Plaza Futbol Buena Vista

Cruce Alfa y Omega

Buena Vista


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Camping Gosén is in a top spot to check out some of the country’s most spectacular scenery, such as Barva Volcano, the highest point in Braulio Carrillo National Park and dotted with lagoons, a 50-minute drive from the site. Slightly further out, smoke and steam emanates from Poás Volcano’s acidic crater lake; on your way to either, you might want to brave the Canopy Adventure Volcan Barva ziplining centre...? San José may be a little crowded for some but it has plenty of attractions and restaurants for restful days. The country’s national museum and theatre, a lively market, a wood carving-filled Catedral Metropolitana and a children’s museum sit within a medieval castle are all worth a browse. There is also a gold museum and the popular Sabana Metropolitan Park; a resident staple. Costa Rica’s biggest shopping mall, Multiplaza Escazú (30 minutes' drive), is just outside of the city. Heredia (15 minutes) is perhaps a more homely destination, with its Spanish-colonial architecture and popular main square. The Cerro Dantas Wildlife Refuge is also near the city, so bring a raincoat and get ready to take in more than your fair share of diverse trees, orchids and birdlife. Alajuela, Costa Rica’s second largest city, is also a 30-minute drive from the site.
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  • Τι αξιοθέατα υπάρχουν κοντά στο Camping Gosén; Camping Gosén is in a top spot to check out some of the country’s most spectacular scenery, such as Barva Volcano, the highest point in Braulio Carrillo National Park and dotted with … Διαβάστε περισσότερα
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