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Meadow Camping

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Meadow Camping


  • Peaceful family-friendly site in scenic rural location
  • Cardigan, Ceredigion Coast Path, sandy beaches within 20-minute drive
  • Back-to-basics camping with hot showers, firepits and pizza oven

Settle in for peaceful stays at Meadow Camping, a family-friendly site five minutes’ drive from the Ceredigion town of Newcastle Emlyn.

On the borders of Ceredigion, Pembrokeshire and Carmarthenshire, the site’s well placed for getaways full of beaches, rugged cliffs, out-of-the-way coves and plenty of explores. If hols aren’t complete without splashingly busy days by the sea, this is a particularly top spot: sandy stretches at Tresaith and Aberporth are 15 minutes away, and the long-distance Ceredigion Coast Path passes by each if rambles along clifftops appeals.

Can’t get enough of being out and about in nature? Nothing has to change during site days – this is back-to-basics camping at its best, with a peaceful setting and basic facilities making time spent at base every bit as blissful as fresh air adventures.

After long days of exploration, head back for a hot shower and a cosy night by the campfire (there are firepits dotted around, and wood for sale on site), or simply pass days lazing about in the pretty meadow or by the shallow stream, watching out for regular wildlife visitors and taking in the view over the fields. Fancy more than sausages and beans for dinner? There’s a pizza oven here too – a little extravagance never hurt anyone…

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Εξυπηρέτηση πελατών
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Εμφάνιση κριτικών μόνο για τους τελευταίους 18 μήνες.

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Προκαθορισμένο άβαταρ

Lovely tranquility in this small clean and quiet site run ... 26/04/2019

Χώρα ατόμου που άφησε κριτική: Ηνωμένο Βασίλειο Jackie G. Επιβεβαιώθηκε

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  • Μου άρεσε: 

    Lovely tranquility in this small clean and quiet site run by a very friendly family. Slept very well falling asleep to the sound of the babbling stream next to our pitch. Nice hot shower.

    Δεν μου άρεσε: 

    We pitched our large tent on a mostly flat area but the rest of the site is somewhat sloping.

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Καλή σχέση ποιότητας-τιμής
Εξυπηρέτηση πελατών
Φιλικό προς τα παιδιά
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Πολύ μικρό (1-10 θέσεις)


  • Troedyraur, Brongest, Troedyraur, Ceredigion, Ουαλία, SA38 9EX
  • Ζώνη ώρας Europe/London +0100 (GMT+01:00)   GPS 52.0772°N 4.4383°W

Πλησιέστερη συγκοινωνία

Σταθμοί πούλμαν
Pencader (Carmarthenshire): Square Bus Stop — 14,6 χλμ.
Aberaeron (Ceredigion): Alban Square Bus Stop — 22,1 χλμ.
Lampeter (Ceredigion): Black Lion Bus Stop — 24,8 χλμ.
Σιδηροδρομικοί σταθμοί
Carmarthen Rail Station — 26,5 χλμ.
Whitland Rail Station — 31,3 χλμ.
Clunderwen Rail Station — 33,2 χλμ.
Λιμάνια φέρι
Fishguard Ferry Terminal — 39,0 χλμ.
Swansea Airport — 58,6 χλμ.


Σημειώστε ότι: Όλες οι αποστάσεις σε αυτή τη σελίδα υπολογίζονται με βάση τη συντομότερη διαδρομή. Παρακαλείστε να ελέγξετε την πραγματική απόσταση, ανάλογα με το μεταφορικό σας μέσο, χρησιμοποιώντας το κουμπί «Λήψη οδηγιών» που υπάρχει παραπάνω.

Τοπικά αξιοθέατα

Nearby attractions and activities include:

- Sculptureheaven (sculpture gardens, workshop, galleries and tea rooms): five minutes’ drive

- Rhydlewis Trout Farm and Smokery: five minutes

- Newcastle Emlyn (town; cafés, restaurants, pubs, independent shops, castle ruins): five minutes

- Teifi Valley Railway: 10 minutes

- National Wool Museum: 10 minutes

- Cenarth Falls: 15 minutes

- Tresaith and Aberporth beaches: 15 minutes

- long-distance Ceredigion Coast Path: 15 minutes

- Cardigan (town; castle, restaurants, pubs, shopping, Welsh Wildlife Centre): 20 minutes

- Cilgerran Castle: 20 minutes

- New Quay (seaside town; harbour and beach, sea safaris, dolphin watching, New Quay Honey Farm): 25 minutes

- Cardigan Island Coastal Farm: 25 minutes

- Llanerchaeron (National Trust estate): 25 minutes

- Gwili Steam Railways: 30 minutes.

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Πρέπει να δείτε

  • National Wool Museum (6,4 χλμ.)
  • Llanerchaeron - National Trust (21,2 χλμ.)
  • National Botanic Garden of Wales (32,9 χλμ.)

National Trust

  • Dolaucothi Gold Mines (33,4 χλμ.)
  • Aberdeunant (37,1 χλμ.)

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Αναχώρηση:  4 μμ.

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