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Big Field Glamping

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Ready for a glamping adventure with glorious views over Devon hills? Big Field Glamping near Holsworthy is a pop-up site with simple facilities on a 35-acre field with just a few pre-erected bell tents. So there’s plenty of space between pitches and no noise from neighbouring tents – all the better to take in those views.

Each bell tent comes with beds and linen (sleeping arrangements can be changed to suit your requirements), battery-power lanterns and fairy lights for an added festive feel. Alfresco luxuries include a cook stand with gas stove, crockery and cutlery, picnic benches and a firepit with a grill – pick up supplies at the village shops in Bradworthy (10 minutes’ drive).

On a corner of the field, there’s a washing-up sink with one of the best views in Devon, and a gas-powered hot shower in a nattily converted horse box. And if you’re travelling with family or friends, a pair of tents are handily pitched close together so you can catch up in peace without bothering anyone else.

Entrance to the meadow site is down a farm lane on a working dairy farm. It’s well away from any roads so you can let the kids safely loose on the camping field. There’s a communal tent nearby where you can dig out bat and ball games, toy pedal tractors for toddlers and a skittle lane for family team challenges – and around the farm there are walks and a stream for splashing about in.

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Very friendly staff, clean facilities, picturesque, peaceful29/07/2022

Χώρα ατόμου που άφησε κριτική: Ηνωμένο ΒασίλειοLady O.Εικονίδιο κινητού τηλεφώνουΕπιβεβαιώθηκε

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  • Μου άρεσε: 

    I liked the fact that our group with two tents had our own portaloo, other groups with one tent had their own portaloo too. So much games provided and big open field for the kids to run around. The couple who runs it are lovely and provide great info on things to do around. So much utensils provided including bbq utensils, plates, mugs etc. It felt so peaceful and safe, there were only 4 tents in total when I visited with huge paces between us and other tenants. The views are picturesque.

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Barbecue provided

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Camping 2.0

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Dog walk nearby

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Pop-up campsite

Πολύ μικρό (1-10 θέσεις)


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  • West Brendon, Sutcombe, Holsworthy, Ντέβον, Αγγλία, EX22 7QW
  • Ζώνη ώρας Europe/London +0000 (GMT+00:00)   GPS 50.8893°N 4.3360°W

Πλησιέστερη συγκοινωνία

Σταθμοί πούλμαν
The Strand — 16,2 χλμ.
Bideford Quay — 17,1 χλμ.
Bideford Quay — 17,1 χλμ.
Σιδηροδρομικοί σταθμοί
Chapelton (Devon) Rail Station — 26,1 χλμ.
Umberleigh Rail Station — 27,5 χλμ.
Barnstaple Rail Station — 28,1 χλμ.
Λιμάνια φέρι
Bideford Ferry Landing — 17,1 χλμ.
Appledore Ferry Landing — 21,0 χλμ.
Instow Ferry Landing — 21,0 χλμ.
Exeter International Airport — 67,1 χλμ.


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Τοπικά αξιοθέατα

Surfers are close to coastal hotspots including Bude (half an hour’s drive) with its Atlantic surfing beach – and it’s about an hour by car from the famed surfing beaches at Saunton Sands and Croyde. Swimmers, take your pick of sandy strips including Summerleaze (half an hour) or Crooklets (35 minutes), both also excellent for rockpooling.

Kids should be in for a good time too, with the proximity of carousels and animal encounters at The BIG Sheep or climbing ropes at The Ultimate Adventure Centre (both 25 minutes). North Devon Wake Park (20 minutes) is another option for wearing youngsters out on inflatable water courses, and if they’re still running on full energy, take them on rollercoaster rides at the adjoining Milky Way Adventure Park.

Fancy a quieter type of treat? Play a couple of rounds on local golf courses (several within a 20-minute drive) or have a potter around the water gardens and valley walks at RHS Garden Rosemoor (half an hour).

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Πρέπει να δείτε

  • RHS Garden Rosemoor (15,2 χλμ.)
  • Tintagel Castle (38,7 χλμ.)
  • Castle Drogo (42,7 χλμ.)

National Trust

  • Lawrence House (28,0 χλμ.)
  • Lydford Gorge (31,7 χλμ.)

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