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Thirsk Racecourse Caravan Club Site

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  • A managed site
  • Tent campers welcome
  • Close to convenience and city centers

Thirsk Racecourse Caravan Club Site is managed by The Club on behalf of the Racecourse. Whilst staying here you'll be pitched within sight of the main stand, with the famous turf stretching out before you. A 5-minute walk from the caravan park will take you to the lovely cobbled market town of Thirsk, with its quaint shops, pubs, secluded side streets and rich local atmosphere. The Black Lion restaurant and bar in the village is reported to serve delicious food, using locally sourced ingredients. There are two supermarkets located adjacent to the site and the train station is only a mile away so you can easily visit the cities of York, Leeds and Manchester.

Conveniently situated midway between the A1 and the A19, Thirsk Racecourse Caravan Club Site makes for a natural overnight stop as well as an extended family getaway. You will also be in pretty Herriot country, between the lovely rounded Yorkshire Dales and the more dramatic North York Moors - you'll want to make the time to enjoy the splendid views and walks that these two majestic destinations have to offer. There are various National Trust and English Heritage sites within the surrounding area, including spectacular Fountains Abbey, a Cistercian Abbey, Georgian water garden and deer park. If you visit here in the spring, you can enjoy the sight of beautiful bluebells in the woodland. Whether you plan a longer stay or a short travelling break, this caravan site has much to recommend itself and you are assured a relaxing and pleasant stay.

Tent camping

Thirsk Racecourse Caravan Club Site welcomes tent campers and has tent pitches available to both members and non-members. Pitches can be booked online or by phone - To do this and to find out further tent camping information, take a look at the Thirsk Racecourse tent camping page...

Important information about race days:

Members are welcome on site during race days, though please note that all outfits have to be pitched on the Rally Field. This area is non-EHU and does not have a toilet block. Outfits already on site will need to be moved to the rally field by 10am the day before a race meeting. For race dates please check the racecourse dates calendar for further race information.

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  • Thirsk, North Yorkshire, Αγγλία, YO7 1QL
  • Ζώνη ώρας Europe/London +0000 (GMT+00:00)   GPS 54.2311°N 1.3511°W

Πλησιέστερη συγκοινωνία

Σταθμοί πούλμαν
Thirsk: Market Place Clock Coach Stop — 0,6 χλμ.
Ripon Bus Station — 15,3 χλμ.
Catterick Coach Stop — 24,4 χλμ.
Σιδηροδρομικοί σταθμοί
Thirsk Rail Station — 1,4 χλμ.
Northallerton Rail Station — 12,8 χλμ.
Knaresborough Rail Station — 25,9 χλμ.
Λιμάνια φέρι
Transporter Bridge South Side — 40,0 χλμ.
Transporter Bridge North Side — 40,2 χλμ.
Durham Tees Valley Airport — 31,6 χλμ.
Leeds Bradford International Airport — 45,1 χλμ.


Use following route only: caravans are not allowed on A170 Sutton Bank. Leave A1 at Ripon - Thirsk junction onto A61 (signposted Thirsk). Site entrance is on the left (just past racecourse buildings).

Σημειώστε ότι: Όλες οι αποστάσεις σε αυτή τη σελίδα υπολογίζονται με βάση τη συντομότερη διαδρομή. Παρακαλείστε να ελέγξετε την πραγματική απόσταση, ανάλογα με το μεταφορικό σας μέσο, χρησιμοποιώντας το κουμπί «Λήψη οδηγιών» που υπάρχει παραπάνω.

Τοπικά αξιοθέατα

Yorkshire Dales and the North York Moors - splendid views and exploration
Several National Trust and English Heritage sites: Fountains Abbey, Cistercian Abbey, Georgian water garden and deer park

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Πρέπει να δείτε

  • Rievaulx Abbey (15,5 χλμ.)
  • Rievaulx Terrace & Temples (NT) (15,9 χλμ.)
  • Duncombe Park (18,0 χλμ.)

National Trust

  • Rievaulx Terrace (15,9 χλμ.)
  • Mount Grace Priory (16,6 χλμ.)

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