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How about a glamping break that fulfils your childhood dreams? There’s something so magical about treehouse holidays: something most of us could only imagine as children. But overnighting in a treehouse far above the ground is becoming increasingly popular, so these days your dreams really can come true. You too can wake up in luxurious surroundings to the sound of birdsong in a canopy of trees. 

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What is a treehouse?

Essentially, a treehouse is a structure – usually built of wood – constructed around or in a tree and its branches. In glamping terms, a treehouse is an accommodation unit (either basic or luxuriously equipped) that is raised off the ground and offers a bird’s-eye view of your woodland surroundings. 

Are there different types of treehouses?

There are several different types of accommodation style to consider when booking a treehouse holiday.

Treehouses built around a tree trunk

This version of a treehouse uses the tree itself for support – and the trunk and branches may sometimes be incorporated into the design of the accommodation interior, or you might find that there are rooms perched on different levels of branches. These are often accessed by wooden steps or ladders, and may not be suitable for people with limited mobility.

Treehouses built on stilts

Bernard Hermant/Unsplash

These treehouses are self-supported by stilts rather than the branches of a tree, and offer all the wonderful attributes of a 'traditional' treehouse – namely a forest view from a lofty height. As a free-standing structure, their architecture is not dictated by the shape of a tree, so they are often more compact, with accommodation on one level rather than split across branches. Access may be via steps or ladders.

Cabins on the forest floor

The very definition of 'treehouse' implies something that is built off the ground, but a forest-floor treehouse is accessible to everybody and can give much the same feeling. Look for cabins tucked into woodland or tree-sheltered corners of glampsites to recreate that 'among-the-trees' atmosphere. 

Who are treehouse stays suitable for?

Treehouses come in all shapes and sizes, from tiny wooden pods to sprawling luxurious hideouts with hot tubs and self-catering amenities. Treehouse holidays are suitable for anyone who would like an unusual and stylish glamping break, but what's so great about them? Well…

  • A stay in a treehouse is an adventure for everyone, regardless of age.

  • Many are off-grid, so everyone will have an enforced break from technology.

  • Staying up among the tree canopy in a treehouse reboots our connection with nature.

  • Treehouse holidays will encourage kids to spend lots of time outdoors, making them happier and healthier.

However, when picking your treehouse holiday, there are a few access issues to consider: 

  • Generally, treehouses are not suitable for anyone with mobility issues. They may be situated a fair way into remote forest or up to 30 feet off the ground, and access can be steep or even involve a ladder. However, some are carefully designed for people who struggle with mobility, so can be accessed by a wooden gangway, while others may be built as a cabin on the forest floor rather than in the treetops.

  • Likewise, if you are travelling with a baby or energetic toddlers, treehouse holidays may not be the answer. Consider a wooden cabin or a yurt holiday with more interior space and at ground level so the kids can have a run around.

  • Anyone lacking a head for heights may struggle in a treehouse a long way above the ground. If you’d rather spend the night on terra firma, consider a glamping break in a yurt or tipi.

  • If you’re intent on a treehouse holiday with pets, you need to make sure that your dogs are also able to access the accommodation. You won’t want to be hauling a large dog up and down a ladder several times a day. Space is also an issue here – will there be enough room in a treehouse for your dog bed, blankets, toys and so on? The alternative answer here might be a bell tent holiday at a dog-friendly glampsite.

What’s provided in a treehouse?

Creative craftsmanship can make treetop cabins pretty luxurious: common features include proper beds, running water, electricity and bathroom facilities (handy for avoiding the need to be scaling ladders in the middle of the night). However, many are totally off grid, which of course is part of their back-to-nature attraction. 

Like all glamping pods, treehouses are different in theme, vibe and budget, so you’ll need to do some research to find your perfect spot. If you’re keen to keep costs down, look for treehouses with no electricity and minimal facilities. Once you’ve chosen a site that you like the look of on Pitchup, click on the accommodation type for a full list of what’s included, what is available on site (sometimes for an extra charge), and what you need to bring with you. 

Are treehouse holidays eco-friendly?

Yes, in general they absolutely are. Most treehouses are carefully designed to fit into their surroundings so they slip seamlessly back into nature. Sustainable and renewable resources (usually wood) are often used in their construction, and their carbon footprint can be kept to a minimum by harnessing solar power or making them completely off-grid.

Where can I find treehouses?

Treehouses are becoming increasingly popular as holiday options in the UK, but are still quite rare to find. You can search for all the treehouse sites on Pitchup by heading to our glamping page and choosing the 'treehouse' filter under 'Camping'. From there, you can narrow down your choices according to personal needs or preferences such as location and facilities. 

Pitchup’s favourite treehouse holidays

So you like the idea of spending your glamping break in a treehouse? These are Pitchup’s best-selling treehouse holidays, as recommended by our happy repeat customers. 

Wallace Lane Farm

Brocklebank, Caldbeck

Wigton, Cumbria

England, CA7 8DL  

Why here? This well-equipped and spacious treehouse cabin is in a fabulous spot on a peaceful hillside farm. It’s tucked away in an orchard, next to the stream and with a view across the valley, and is fully insulated and double glazed. Electricity comes from solar panels, while central heating and hot water are supplied by a biomass boiler, ensuring that the environmentally friendly credentials of this treehouse are second to none.

The treehouse at Wallace Lane Farm sleeps up to four people, with two bedrooms and a bathroom. A free basket of logs and bag of kindling is provided, and more can be purchased if required. Luxuries include Freeview TV and a coffee maker.

Key facilities: Bathroom, private hot tub in decking, food shop, launderette, dogs welcome

One other thing… This is an excellent base for anglers, as day permits are available for local rivers and streams: the Wampool, Waver and Ellen are the best spots for trout or salmon fishing.

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Les Cabanes de Fontaine-Châtel

4 Route du Château

76750, Saint-Germain-des-Essourts 


Why here? Unusual and eco-friendly treehouses are tucked away in a peaceful and mature 27-hectare woodland in Normandy. Accommodation at Les Cabanes de Fontaine-Châtel is high in the trees in comfy, eco-friendly treetop cabins, which are all off-grid – there’s a shower block on site for hot showers and flushing toilets. 

Some huts can only be reached by climbing a ladder, but others are designed to be accessible to those with reduced mobility.

The site can be reached only on foot or by bike from the parking area. Take forest strolls and bike rides for leisure time on site, and you might get lucky and see wild boar, deer, squirrels and pheasants during your stay. 

Key facilities: Breakfast hampers and evening meals (book the latter a week in advance); hot stone and relaxation massages available

One other thing… This location is handy for family days out, with a petting zoo and sky-high rides at Parc du Bocasse (15 minutes’ drive) plus flamingos, monkeys and kangaroos in Clères Zoological Park (25 minutes).

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UK glamping holidays

Keen on the idea of a treehouse holiday? Browse the Pitchup selection in the UK and Europe.

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