How can I get an external calendar / iCal from my listing?

You can add to our allocation page a calendar feed of each unit of accommodation's availability. We refresh every 15 minutes.

Important: your booking system must offer a calendar feed of bookings for us to turn on this feature. A calendar feed is a web link starting with http or https.

To add an external calendar feed:

1. Visit the allocation tab in your manager portal

2. Click the button "Add external calendar feed" at the top right of the page. Pitchup will contact you when your listing has been enabled

3. Click the arrow underneath each pitch type on the left

4. Click "Add more units" to create the correct number of physical units (currently there may be none, even though the counts for each pitch type may be visible).

Please note: This is the total number of units and can be more than the vacancies you have, or the allocation you want to make to Adding the calendar feeds will prevent bookings on a unit it has been added to, and there is a setting to exclude a specific unit from bookings altogether.

5. Once you have created the units, click the name of the unit to open a pop-up window.

6. Copy the calendar feed link (beginning with https) from the pop-up and paste it into the relevant section of your booking system.