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Stolen caravan returned within a day

Lis 22 2012 Přidáno uživatelem Laura Canning

A caravan stolen in Lincolnshire was returned to its owner within a day – thanks to a tracking device on board.

The Sterling Eccles Sport 636, stolen from the forecourt of Torksey Caravans, is part of the Swift Group and so had a Tracker retrieve device fitted on board as standard. So while one member of staff jumped into a car to chase the thieves, another rang the police and Tracker as soon as the theft was spotted.

The chase was forced to a halt when the thieves drove through red lights, but police were able to pick up the Tracker retrieve signal and found the caravan later that day in a disused shed. The thieves were nowhere to be seen.

Torksey Caravans' Andy Carrington said the tracker had prevented a ‘huge headache’ for the firm.

‘Through our quick thinking staff and because Swift has started to fit a tracker on all their vehicles, we were able to notify police, trace the vehicle and recover the same day. I cannot tell you how delighted I am that Swift fit Tracker,’ he said.