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Blog posts from březen 2014

  1. Summer holiday ideas – the pick

    březen 27, 2014
    od | destinations | family | festivals and events | seasonal | sports and outdoors

    Hot dog
    There are certain signs that tell us summer is on the doorstep. Looking for shorts on eBay – check. Prodding one’s podge and subsequently removing the pies from the fridge so one can fit into said shorts – check. And spending happy happy hours browsing through all the activities, events …

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  2. Seasonal savings – spring and summer deals from £3.60 a night

    březen 20, 2014
    od | budget | seasonal

    Leaping in at Le Méditerranée
    The sun, he came out this week and he had his hat on. We would normally say that

    very quietly

    in mid-March in case he goeth away again, but British Summer Time starts on 30March, we get an extra hour of sunny evening light, and we are feeling a decided …

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  3. You will you will you will - Ireland for St Patrick's Day and beyond

    březen 13, 2014
    od | destinations | festivals and events | fishing | history and heritage | sports and outdoors

    Careful now Tis St Patrick’s Day on Monday! Possibly, the date could be shifted each year so that it always falls on a Saturday, giving a full two evenings of celebrations and a day in which to recover/sort laundry before another week begins.

    Or, one could celebrate all things Irish all year …

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  4. Pawsome places – our top ten Spots for dog days out

    březen 6, 2014
    od | dogs

    Ready for the road Taking your dog out and about? You’d be barking mad not to. More and more businesses are seeing the sense of courting the hound pound and making their establishments dog-friendly – so it’s easier than ever to introduce your dog to some culture and a few decent pubs (for a pint …

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