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Blog posts from srpen 2011

  1. Camping Stereotypes: Scurrilous Myths and Old Chestnuts about Camping

    srpen 26, 2011
    od | guides

    We like rain - honest!
    Googling 'camping stereotypes' (I'm nothing if not an intrepid researcher) brings up stories of 'camp', that strange American institution where quieter kids cry homesickly into their sleeping bags every night, noisier ones think it's hilarious to put spiders down other campers' backs, and parents all over the land gleefully clink …

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  2. Camping Fails: Top 5 Worst Camping Moments

    srpen 18, 2011
    od | guides

    Should have gone to Specsavers...

    Bill Bryson should have known better. First, he decided to walk the

    Appalachian Trail

    , a 2,181 mile trek through from Maine to Georgia. Second, this is an area with bears. Proper big bears that can smell your food from way over there and

    come snuffling around your non-metal tent …

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  3. Horse Racing: Giddyup to a Racecourse

    srpen 12, 2011
    od | events | guides

    Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's a horse. Bring out the silly hats! Yes, even if (especially if) you're a bloke...just nick your mother in law's one from when you got married. It’s summer and racecourse time, with meets all over the country so you can dress up (heels for men too), have a flutter on the gee-gees …

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  4. Literary travel: a bookworm's trail of Britain

    srpen 9, 2011
    od | culture | guides

    Tent tales ‘To be or not to be...’

    No, don’t hit the back button...Just because we were subjected to some awful books at school (they made me read The Cay when I could have been reading The Outsiders) doesn’t mean we shouldn’t all be into our books now.

    Indeed, as my dear …

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