What is a 'calendar conflict' and how do I resolve these conflicts?

We now check calendar feeds automatically for overlapping dates between Pitchup bookings and external bookings from calendar feeds, incidences of where the two overlap is called a calendar conflict.
a) To view the conflict:
  1. Visit your allocation page
  2. On the left-hand side, click or tap on one of the pitch types to expand the pitch type section 
  3. For any unit showing a red hazard symbol, click the name of the unit: this will launch a popup 

  1. Find the red 'Conflicts' section in the popup 

  1. Click the link of the overlapping Pitchup booking to be taken straight to the month of the booking. Any bookings with conflicting dates will also appear with a red border on the calendar 
b) You can resolve conflict by doing one of the following:
  • Flagging the Pitchup booking to change the dates and/or pitch type, OR
  • Cancelling the Pitchup booking by flagging it,  OR
  • If the Pitchup booking has already been cancelled, removing it from the allocation grid: visit the allocation tab, click the booking and then the red 'Remove booking' button at the top right, 

  • Using the mouse to drag the Pitchup booking upwards/downwards onto another unit (Pitchup bookings can be dragged onto an external booking of equal length on the same pitch type),  OR
  • Removing the duplicate entry from your booking system. If you need to report the problem to your booking system provider, please include details of the conflicted bookings and the calendar link.

Once conflicts have been resolved, you may wish to click the reset button to set allocation for a pitch type back to all potential spaces.
If you need to add any external bookings to the calendar, you can do so manually by :
  • Visiting your allocation tab:
  • Ensuring the grid is expanded by clicking on the small arrow in the pink pitch type name box (on the left)
  • Clicking on any of the date boxes and adding the booking details, then clicking on 'Add booking' to save

Should you have any further questions or need anything else at all, please let us know.