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Caravan thief jailed for two years

Nov. 7 2012 Publicat per Laura Canning

A 45-year-old man has been jailed for two years after stealing a tourer in Doncaster.

Shaun Merchant admitted stealing the tourer from outside a home in Doncaster’s Gildingwells area on August 23, Sheffield Crown Court heard.

He was spotted taking the caravan by a passer-by, who called South Yorkshire Police.

Caravan owners are becoming increasingly aware of the need to properly secure their tourers, following several caravan thefts this year.

A Scunthorpe couple had to cancel their honeymoon last month after their caravan was stolen from outside a pub, and police issued calls for caravan owners to ensure their vehicles are secured after thefts in Ceredigion, the Scottish Borders and Lincolnshire. Actor Ricky Tomlinson also had his Hobby 635 stolen over the summer.

However, there are several simple ways for caravan owners to keep their tourer safe, said Tim Shallcross, head of policy at the Institute of Advanced Motorists.

‘We all hate wheel clamps, but caravanners do like them because if you put one on your caravan it makes it very difficult to tow away and of course a burglar alarm inside the caravan is essential.

‘Caravans are not like Fort Knox, but if you have a movement sensor inside and it suddenly emits an ear-piercing screech then people will be deterred,’ he said.

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