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Make way for the Olympics – move into a caravan

Jul. 26 2012 Publicat per Laura Canning

Smart London residents are cashing in on the Olympics by moving out of their houses into caravans to make way for Games officials.

More than 30 households in New Cross and Deptford have moved out of their homes to stay with friends, family or in caravan parks, making up to £3000 rent a week by doing so.

The 100 guests include members of the Austrian Olympic management team and on-call doctors, who will be staying for up to two months.

The move is down to a local estate agency, with the aim of boosting the local economy by up to £100,000.

Housemartins director Ray Woolford said: ‘There was nothing going on in Lewisham and we thought it made sense to capitalise on the Olympics.

‘Everyone is pushing Greenwich, but there’s no one pushing Deptford and it is a really good location.

‘We went door to door in New Cross and Deptford and asked people who wanted to leave. We explained this was a good opportunity to move out, bringing £100,000 for the local economy.

‘Younger people moved in with mums and dads. I’m going on holiday. Some stay with friends.

‘Some pensioners are doing it too. It’s more than their pension - it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity.’

Deptford resident Yolanda van der Steen is one of the new caravanners, moving into a van near Gatwick Airport for six weeks – and bagging herself a caravan in the process.

‘We thought - why not!’ she said. ‘We found this caravan dealer and bought it on the spot for about £2,125.

'Aeroplanes fly over every 60 seconds but you get used to it!'

Yolanda will be making around £2000 a week on rent on her Deptford home, and is planning to use the cash to pay off the caravan as well as some debts.