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Blog posts from febrer 2013

  1. at the Spring Caravan and Camping Show

    febrer 27, 2013
    per | industry news

    Spring Caravan and Camping Show
    We're not long back from a family half-term trip to the Spring Caravan and Camping Show at the NEC, where we went to meet our suppliers, test out new caravan and tent models – and add to our list of camping trips so far this year. We are also about ...

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  2. Student campervan sites - our roundup and tips

    febrer 13, 2013
    per | guides

    Quiet campervanning
    Going camping as a student group and want to keep the costs down? It doesn’t have to be tent camping – campervanning is one of the cheapest holidays around and means you can easily get around the country to several sites on a break at the end of term. Pack ...

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  3. Even more getting away from it all - our top island campsites

    febrer 7, 2013
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    On the sands of St David's, Isle of Anglesey We like islands, we do. The scenery, the wildlife, the coastline to stamp moodily along, the crashing waves and catching our own fish. From the wild remote islands of the Hebrides to the festivals of the Isle of Wight , British islands have some of the best scenery around and ...

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  4. Get away from it all - camping and glamping in remote locations

    febrer 6, 2013
    per | guides

    Not quite what we meant.
    Getting away from it all – ah, bliss. There are plenty of big, busy campsites and parks that are ideal for a packed family holiday, but these aren’t always the first choice when you just want to relax somewhere quiet. Look for one of our

    remote campsites

    , we say ...

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  5. War and whirlybirds – military museums in the UK

    febrer 5, 2013
    per | guides

    Richard III - recently rediscovered
    We've quite the history of skirmishes here in the UK, with quite the number of attractions to prove it. From famous


    to war memorials, regimental army museums, aviation museums, re-creations of the Blitz and more, exploring the history of military Britain is enough to keep you out of mischief ...

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  6. Quiz! What kind of winter camper are you?

    febrer 4, 2013
    per | guides

    Mr Mears. Probably a good winter camper.
    It's that time of year again! To separate the men from the boys, the women from the girls, the wheat from the chaff...OK, that's enough clichés. We're of course talking about winter camping – taking off in a cosy campervan along the coast, staying in a heated yurt in the ...

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  7. Light the way - our pick of camping lights, lanterns and more

    febrer 1, 2013
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    An enthusiastic approach to outdoor lighting
    Proper lighting needs to go hand in hand with proper socialising. This is partly because many of us look frankly more attractive by the light of a single flickering candle rather than an unforgiving floodlight, and partly because, well, just because. We prefer to skulk in dark subterranean bars rather ...

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