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Blog posts from setembre 2011

  1. Kids' events: festivals for kids

    setembre 22, 2011
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    Mr Gum author Andy Stanton at the Bath Festival of Children's Literature
    After our recent blog on

    festivals for mature campers

    , we thought it was only fair to do one on festivals for kids as well. There are plenty around the country at different times of the year, with enough festivals for children to run around to and get nicely tired, ...

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  2. Campsites with a view

    setembre 20, 2011
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    Northern end of Ullswater, Lake District

    We might not always have the weather, but at least the views are guaranteed. There are thousands of spots in Britain and Ireland where you can just sit and take it all in, from Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty to

    quiet woods

    , rugged coastlines to

    tranquil lakes

    . Even a ...

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  3. Festivals: events for the more mature reveller (without the mud wrestling)

    setembre 12, 2011

    Silhouette of musicians
    It’s kind of annoying the way the mee-ja go on about Glastonbury as if it’s the only festival worth going to. No disrespect to our Glastonbury goers out there, but there are so many other festivals about that don’t involve thousands of 20 year olds wrestling in mud. Whether music, ...

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