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Blog posts from maj 2011

  1. The Whisky Trail: a 'dramping' guide

    maj 26, 2011
    av | guides

    Dramping in the twilight

    Sorry, we can't seem to start off a blog about whisky without channelling Father Jack, although in all accuracy he'd probably be extolling the virtues of Toilet Duck and not the finest single malt.

    Probably due to the weather, drink is of course a very British and Irish tradition, …

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  2. Camper vans: Hammond the Hamster's New Wheels

    maj 10, 2011
    av | news

    A caravan Hammond prepared earlier
    Mwahaha! Richard Hammond, a.k.a. the Hamster, a.k.a. a quarter of the Top Gear caravan trashing team, has

    caved in and bought a campervan

    . A pink one, no less, because apparently that’s what his daughters wanted. Sure.

    We are of course delighted to see that the Hamster has seen sense …

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