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Blog posts from февраль 2012

  1. Boris goes camping

    февраль 27, 2012
    автор | misc | offbeat | weird Britain

    Boris ponders his next camping destination Boris has joined us! Yes, the fluffy-haired London Mayor has recently revealed he's a fan of camping. Who'da thunk it?

    'At the risk of sounding like a character from Enid Blyton.' he writes, 'there is absolutely nothing to beat camping. I love the exultation you get …

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  2. Film locations: tour of movie locations in the UK

    февраль 2, 2012
    автор | destinations | guides

    Dining hall at Christ Church, Oxford - inspiration for Hogwarts (courtesy nathanaels) Since we did a camping in books blog a while back, we thought it was time to take a look at a film trail around Britain, where you can be all trainspotting-like and take a look at some spots used for films. Naturally you’ll be quoting your favourite lines from …

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