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Pitchup.com and TomTom make adventuring that little bit easier

октябрь 23, 2009
автор Lucy | pitchup.com news

Terrible at following directions? We’re pleased to announce that Pitchup.com has (literally) thought of everything. If you have a TomTom then you can use our nifty feature to enter your chosen destination with one easy click and off you jolly well go!

The service will also help you avoid any unpleasantness on the roads - particularly useful if you’re looking to get away this half term. Traffic and accident hotspots will be highlighted and alternative routes will be suggested.

If you just want to find somewhere to visit, you can use this TomTom feature from our ‘Places to go’ section- lots of exciting castles and parks are listed... perfect for a quick adventure at the weekend or over the hols.

So no more excuses! Off with you to the furthest reaches of our beautiful country - I guarantee you’ll make it there and back safely.