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How to tow a caravan – at 140 mph

Lis 16 2012 Opublikowany przez Laura Canning

It might make tempt even Jeremy Clarkson – a trailer company in the USA has just broken the world record for the fastest speed reached when towing a caravan.

Carson Trailers towed a Carson Kalispell across the California’s Mojave desert, in a stunt described by its director David Endres as ‘definitely crazy’.

The Kalispell had its tyres reinforced to stand the speed, but was otherwise left as normal – complete with its fridge, loo and heater.

It was towed by driver Jason Sands, who admitted the team ‘did not talk about safety much’ before the record-breaking attempt began.

He used a modified GMC 2500 HD truck to hit a top speed of 141.998 mph, breaking the previous 2003 record of 139.113 mph by Eugene Herbert at the Hoedspruit Air Force Base in South Africa. Herbert used a standard caravan and a Mercedes Benz S600.

But even though the Carson team are now in the record books, there was a warning from director David Endres, who said: ‘We don't recommend towing the trailer faster than the recommended speed limit.’