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Blog posts from giugno 2011

  1. Cycling and camping: as easy as falling off a bike

    giugno 30, 2011
    da | guides

    Camper awaiting amphibious bicycle on the Isle of Mull

    On your bike: cycling can be mixed with camping for just about every age and ability. It doesn’t have to be about taking it very seriously, pedalling madly from John O’ Groats to Land’s End dressed only in a scrap of Lycra and a manic expression, with a toothbrush and …

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  2. Beer festivals: camping without a hiccup

    giugno 27, 2011
    da | events | guides

    Remember: a home-made beer festival isn't the same as a home-made-beer festival... ‘MORE DRINK!’

    Sorry, I seem to be channelling Father Jack again. But, since so many of you clearly take after our dark alcoholic little hearts and liked our recent whisky trail blog , we thought we’d take a look at what other dramping shenanigans there are around the country. Happily, …

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  3. Get stoked at this summer's watersports festivals

    giugno 20, 2011
    da | events | guides

    Surfing in Cornwall (courtesy davehamster/flickr under creative commons licence)
    Surfing may make you think of bronzed Aussie types, riding the waves confidently on their boards before jumping to shore for a party on the beach, but there’s still plenty in the sport for us less bronzed, less fit types. In fact the wild waves all around Britain make it …

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  4. Alternative festival camping - from Punch and Judy to the Four Fighters

    giugno 18, 2011
    da | destinations | events

    The Green Man himself (image courtesy miss.libertine/Flickr) Festivals aren't just Reading and T in the Park – today they feature everything including food and drink, bikes and books, and there's even a Cornish Faery Fest. You can often stay in tents, yurts or luxury mobile homes on the festival site - alternatively, use our sites near festivals …

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  5. Coolest caravans and kit: a gadget lover's guide

    giugno 10, 2011
    da | destinations

    Ploo in a box
    After drooling over all the

    lovely motorhomes available

    in our recent blog, we thought we’d take a look at the best and coolest of the new caravans about. And the best kit, of which there is so much lovely stuff to save up for (because of course we’ve been saving …

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  6. Camping on a shoestring: our thrifty tips

    giugno 2, 2011
    da | guides

    How the other half pitch up
    There is a difference between being a cheapskate and being broke. Being a cheapskate involves things like wringing out teabags for a second use, scraping for spare soap in communal showers rather than buying your own, and doing the sniff test to see if that shirt can last another day …

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