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Blog posts from Július 2014

  1. Tiny houses and transformed spaces -'s top ten

    Július 25, 2014
    szerző: | about camping |'s top tens

    Earth domes in New Zealand. Pic courtesy of Living Big in a Tiny House. Mostly when our thinks drift dreamily to the type of accommodation we will cacklingly obtain when millionaires, it is of the portable and very expensive variety.

    A three-storey RV like Robert de Niro’s, a billionaire’s Earth caravan and a £3500 tent have all featured in our musings, mostly on …

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  2. 27 walking holidays! Our guide to UK walking festivals this summer and autumn

    Július 17, 2014
    szerző: | festivals and events | sports and outdoors

    Airing boots highly recommended between walks
    Although we tend to pack Inappropriate Heels when tottering off on our outdoor hols (and that’s just the men), we’ll usually be found with walking boots crammed into the rucksack too.

    Our love of the striding is such that we have a special category just for

    sites in a …

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  3. The wheelie big guide bike rides

    Július 11, 2014
    szerző: | family | guides | sports and outdoors

    Family cycling trip

    As promised in our 2014 – Year of the Cycle blog, we’ve got a grip on some of the best bike routes in the country for you to pedal off to in homage this summer.

    And we’ve focused on family bike rides, because naturally you’re hoping that repeated exposure to …

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  4. C'est Bretagne! Ten things to see and do in Brittany

    Július 4, 2014
    szerző: | beaches, coast and seaside | destinations | family | food and drink | history and heritage | sports and outdoors

    The flag of Bretagne. Pic by Audrey AK. Brittany was once known as ‘little Britain’, but fret not, you’re unlikely to find Vicky Pollard and her cohorts here. The Celtic region of Bretagne est both très cultural et très independent, has a different feel from the rest of France, and is the only place in the country where …

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