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Blog posts from avril 2013

  1. Take the plunge – ten top outdoor swims

    avril 23, 2013
    par | guides

    Hitting the lake
    'Outdoor pools’ may be synonymous to some as ‘skinny dipping’ but that’s merely evidence of filthy minds. Ours, mostly…If you’re up for some outdoor swimming now that summer is on its way, there are plenty of outdoor pool options in the UK, ranging from seaside and city lidos to secluded …

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  2. What's in a name? Ten unusually named campsites

    avril 17, 2013
    par | guides

    Skunk cabbage. Smelly, and not a rose. A rose by any other name, penned the Bard, would smell as sweet. But as Anne Shirley earnestly points out to Marilla in Green Gables, that doesn’t always work. ‘I don’t believe a rose WOULD be as nice if it was called a thistle or a skunk cabbage,’ the red-headed …

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  3. Bring out the bluebells! Top bluebell walks in the UK

    avril 9, 2013
    par | guides

    Pods at Grinton Lodge Youth Hostel, N Yorks
    Bring out the bluebells! This is not, as it may sound, a carefree celebratory whoop to flowers in the springtime, but an actual plea to whoever is in charge of the weather at the moment. Seriously. It’s like, April.

    Much as our favourite springtime celebratory thing is seeing that first …

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  4. Scary tales and survival guides – our top ten camping and outdoors apps

    avril 3, 2013
    par | guides

    'Now, where's my tent?'
    ‘If you’re appy and you know it clap your hands’ might not be the first song you think of for caterwauling around the campfire. But that was before there was a need for an ode to apps. A phone app that tells you how not to burn your food over …

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