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Britain’s youngest camper? Baby Bonnie born in tent at folk festival

Aoû 14 2012 Posté par Laura Canning

We’ve all heard of those lightning-fast labours where the baby is born on the back seat of a taxi speeding its way to hospital, or in the bathroom, or any other place before the mum can get to the maternity ward.

But for Kent couple Galadriel and Chris Basford, who had baby Bonnie in a tent at the Broadstairs Annual Folk Week on Sunday, it all went exactly according to plan.

They’ve been touring UK festivals over the summer and had all preparations on hand in case the baby decided to make an appearance while the couple were camping. Galadriel went into labour at 3.30 am at the festival campsite on Sunday morning, with Bonnie born at 10.27 am.

Chris, who is a volunteer sound engineer at Broadstairs Folk Week and other festivals, said: ‘We were well prepared for this fantastic moment and had terrific support in the last two weeks from an independent midwife who has travelled with us, and from Galadriel’s doula.

‘Galadriel is a midwife too so she knew exactly how to prepare - we had a birthing pool and all the necessary arrangements in place at the campsite.’

Concerns that other campers would be bothered by the birth proved unfounded, he added.

‘They were fantastic. It was pretty clear what was happening but they just cheered Galadriel on and encouraged her with yells of “go for it”. It was a lovely moment of true community spirit.’

Jo Tuffs, the festival director for Broadstairs Folk Week, said: ‘We are so happy for Galadriel, Chris and Bonnie.

‘It is the first time in our 47 years that a baby has been born during the festival – although I am pretty sure a few may have been created during Folk Week over the years.’